Saturday, August 30, 2014

A thought about Texas A&M

Ryan Tannehill was at Texas A&M for two years, and was tabbed as a good enough QB to be considered a first round prospect.

Johnny Manziel followed him, and won the Heisman his freshman year and followed that with a good enough season to be considered a first round prospect.

And now Kenny Hill comes to A&M, and sets a new single-game passing record in his first game and there's the talk about whether he's the best QB in A&M history, whether he's a contender for the Heisman, etc, etc....

Considering that up in the big leagues, Tannehill is okay, and there's some debate (I'm part of it) about how good he is; and Manziel couldn't (or hasn't) cracked the starting lineup, you have to consider the possibility that the Texas A&M coach - and his system - must be pretty darn good to be producing QBs like this.

Sure the players are good, but it seems the system makes them at least appear great. 

Maybe Kevin Sumlin is a guy that NFL teams should be looking at as a prospect. 

Just a thought.

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Good Read. I think Lazor is like Sumlin from an offensive standpoint. Hopeully this new system will make everyone look great!


Hey Ray, did you see any of the preseason games? If you did, & considering you still have questions about Tannehill's NFL .....possibilities.....what I'm trying to ask is who do you think has a better deep ball? Matt or Tann? You remember when that guy...Delome maybe, took Carolina to the promised land, almost? I'm starting to wonder if Moore now has the confidence to do that? Because he lacked it previously; you could see it in his final drives to win the game. Maybe it was the "O?" Maybe this one fit's him?