Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who is the real Tony Dungy?

I had a smile on my face today when I read about Tony Dungy trying to backtrack on his comments on Michael Sam.  It would appear that based on some of Tony Dungy’s comments in the past as well as recent days that he takes some issue with homosexual football players.  I really don’t have much interest in the topic as a whole.  Some people are for it and some people are against it. What I did find funny was that Tony Dungy quickly started putting out clarifications to what he was “really meaning” after that fact. Which I take as he as him scrambling to protect his choir boy reputation. Why was I smiling about that? Because I am a Miami Dolphins fan.  I remember Tony Dungy using his reputation as a “good guy” to do the John Martin sympathy interview right at a time in which it was very distracting to the Dolphins. He then followed that up trying to sell a book he was involved with writing while talking to Peter King about John Martin to draw an audience to sell said book. It really rubbed me the wrong way that a man with no firsthand knowledge of the situation was being critical of the Dolphins stating that the Dolphins did not have good leadership in locker room.  During that time my opinion of Tony Dungy was that he was using his reputation to comment on a situation he really knew very little about to make money.  So I was probably not all that shocked  that Tony Dungy is again at the center of another controversy.  However, on this occasion I for one was not surprised  when it appears Tony Dungy may not be what he seems.
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Tony Dungy is a loud mouth opportunist that can't coach of commentate worth a crapola! He needs to leave the game alone already.


Oops, meant "coach or commentate"

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