Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoughts On Lamar Miller

Has anyone ever wondered if Lamar Miller will have a breakout season other than me? I am assuming Knowshon Moreno will be used sparingly being all the issues he has had. I know that Lamar Miller is no LeSean McCoy but his skill set seems perfect for this new offense.

One of the biggest complaints I have of Lamar Miller is his inability to break tackles. His yards after contact are horrible. Its almost like you can breathe on him and he would fall over. He rarely made it to the 2nd level of defense but when he did he couldnt break a tackle! Yes, I know that our offensive line was horrible but when he did have the opportunites for a big play, he failed.

Now, onto the "exciting" part. One fantastic thing about Lamar Miller is his ability in the open field. And wouldnt you know it??! Bill Lazor's offense loves getting playmakers in space! What a coincidence! If Lamar Miller can be used on more screens and checkdown plays I believe he will have 1000 yards from scrimmage and at least 7 TD's.

 Is this me being overly optimistic or is this thought relevant and achievable??
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Yes I do feel that he has a shot at having a great season. Omar Kelly has also mentioned that he may be a great fit for this quick hitting, zone blocking scheme.


We had a chance at Carlos Hyde and didn't take it. Hickey blew it on this one.


Nice article Lawrence. I would like to see him run with more power. I remember when he fumbled early in the preseason and was embarrassed. He came back in and slammer in the hole hard with explosion. He has the ability but he runs so tentative. I am just not sure if he will lose that instinct be hesitant. I was also disappointed when he got run down from behind in the Bengals game. If he can't hit the home run and he is not willing to take on punishment for YAC yards I have a hard time seeing him breakout. I know Moreno was out of shape and had a minor knee procedure but when the regular season comes I still think he will be the primary back