Thursday, July 03, 2014

This Offseason....

OK, so now Dion Jordan has tested positive for PED's and is now suspended for the first 4 games of the season. I had high hopes for the kid this season but that is now down the drain. I am a disappointed fan but the silver lining is that defensive end is a very deep group for us. Derrick Shelby will most likely fill in for Jordan and quite honestly, he outperformed Jordan last year by a ridiculous margin anyways. I just dont understand why these Dolphins cant seem to stay out of the news for these negative reasons. Maybe we should have traded Jordan when we had the chance. These 'Fins are worse than riding a roller coaster...
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Good one on the roller coaster analogy, Lawrence.

It's only 4 games. He can still contribute a lot the last 12+ games.

Why can't we catch a break already and hear some wonderful news coming from South Florida?

The bright side is that we don't have to worry about Jordan getting injured the first month of the season.


@ Carl: Hahahahaha. Love the last sentence if optimism! I was really hoping that Jordan would explode this year. Something tells me he will be in the dog house for what happened, that is just Philbin's personality. On a bright note, we all have been hyped up the last few years in the offseason only to be disappointed. Maybe we are having the low part of the season now and we will have the high later???...