Thursday, July 24, 2014

So Camp Is Starting...

As most of us know, camp is getting ready to start in full swing. What should we expect from Miami? Anybody have any thoughts? Here are a few questions I have that I really don't know the answer to. Maybe you guys can give your opinion or input, maybe even ask a few questions of your own.

Will Sam Brenner be able to fill the huge void at center?

Will Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace finally live up to the expectations we all had for them?

Does it matter that Knowshon Moreno is on the PUP list?

Will Dion Jordan make an impact once he returns from suspension?

Will Cortland Finnegan be the corner he once was?

And finally, for the fantasy enthusiasts out there like myself, will the Phins have ANYBODY that is fantasy relevant this year???

I would love to hear thoughts, opinions, and other questions as well! Thanks for reading

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The whole oline is a mystery, Tanne and Wallace will depend inpart on the o as well,,,Moreno?,,well none factor,,there again if the oline stinks so will whatever back you have back there,,Jordan might come in usefull as the season wears on,Finnegan is injury prone, don't see him makein the whole season, no fantasy value except Sturgis!


Here are my guesses for you.

Shelly Smith Is the starting Center for now - And our O-Line is much improved from last year but average compared to the league as a whole. I think the surprise is that Billy Turner beats out Dallas Thomas at starting guard.

Wallace is going to be a beast this year and the number one fantasy player on the team

Tannehill will improve with a new creative scheme. I think he will be somewhere around top 10-15 in the league. He won't be a Brees, Brady or Manning level at this point but his progress will continue. He has a very solid group to throw to. Teams are going to have a hard time matching up with Clay, Hartline, Wallace, Gibson, Landry. All of them are hard to cover 1 on 1. Much easier to sit back and exploit matchups than trying to throw a Devon Bess open.

Knowshow will not get much starting reps until he is in shape. If does not show up ready to ball when he is healthy he may even get cut.

Dion will be limited unless Wake or Vernon get hurt. Otherwise his role is similar to last year. I actually think Vernon is going to surpass Wake this year. Vernon is young healthy and in amazing shape. If we do get some leads going to force teams to pass more against us Dion will make an impact.

Finnegan is better than people think. However, I am not sure he can hold off Taylor. I am not sure it matters. Teams play an extra corner so much anymore we will need both of them

Sturgis makes me twitch. He could single handed ( or footed) be the difference between 6-10 and 10-6


Nice input gofins! I had the same idea on Wallace, im hoping he is a sleeper that I can snag in the late rounds of fantasy and get a huge payoff! I have to disagree on the center situation, I believe Sam Brenner is going to be the starter...

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Very nice input jk. Even though Shelly smith is getting the center reps in camp, I still believe Brenner will ultimately win the job. Finnegan will be a very nice number 2 corner opposite grimes w/ Taylor or Davis as the nickel. Moreno is a non factor this year because miller fits the scheme better than Moreno. Jordan will be an impact player halfway through the season. Wallace will be a beast in fantasy football, similar do what desean jackson did last year. And finally if we can make it to 5-3 before pouncey's return we will be in the playoffs!


Thank you. I was not sure who was getting the '1' group reps at Center?
As you might have noticed I can ramble on a bit. I actually had more written but the blog said too much! I started deleting things I thought weren't needed. My Fantasy question answers & about when I used to play. But I stopped playing because of $ and one Sunday I remember very well. Living up in Bar Harbor, Maine(basically Patriot country) myself and a couple other restaurant workers transplanted from WPB, FL; so all Fin Fans; we were watching the Dolphins trying to come back against the Pat's late in the 4th quarter. Bledsoe still at the helm. Pat's were deep in their own end on third & long. Stop them here & we have a chance for a game winning drive. Bledsoe goes back & the pocket breaks down pretty quick so it's looking good. Then Bledsoe spots Ben Coats who must have stayed in to block but then cut loose as a release valve. Hit's him! No one for the Dolphin's was assigned coverage, or someone layed an egg(which do you think??); Coats starts running with a lot of open field in front of him, and soon it becomes obvious he is taking it for the score. I had him on my fantasy team so I jumped up and started cheering for all the yards I would be getting with only "1" pass & catch, plus the extra 6 points. Well you should have seen the looks of bewilderment, anger, confusion(had I secretly been a Patriots fan all along), betrayal, and every other word you can think of for wanting to eliminate a person that you just caught in a compromising situation with your wife!! So, even though we(as Dolphin fans) have been teased, lied to(Saban), tortured, been witness to one of our biggest competitor's and punching bag for years suddenly have a call of epidemic proportions(the fumble in the snow against the Raiders) go in their favor, and next thing you know Brady(A SIXTH ROUND DRAFT PICK) is a top 5 QB for years and they are in contention for the Super Bowl every year, like we used to be. So, even though I'm just an avid fan, and I might think my playing Fantasy league has an effect on how good or bad a certain team may be, I refuse to cheer for players that are on other teams. I do miss it, and I see how much enjoyment other guys & gals get from competing against each other(which is different from the league I played in, COMPLETELY!). Next year, if I meet people that have a league and I am invited to play, I more than likely will because it's team based like the NFL. And you get to play against your friends almost in the same manner the NFL does. Well, unless the people I meet actually play for the same salaries the real NFL players receive? I do live in Naples, FL. Of course I am at the other end of the spectrum to those very wealthy individuals, physically, emotionally, & psychologically....& probably politically-maybe?
I didn't see any mention of Damien Williams. Do you think I'm reaching too far, hopping too much, or he maybe too much trouble?? He is one that I advised to pick-up mid season because I think he will be the starting RB by December. Also, I can see Brandon Gibson making stats comparable to Keenan McCardell when he was with the Jaguars, J. Smith & M. Brunell. He wasn't bad in Cleveland before that. When you have a speedster like Wallace or JSmith, the possession receiver catches so many balls. I realize with the Fins that would realistically be Hartline. I just feel Gibson can separate better, many of his routes COULD be in the seam area & teams will be ready for Clay this year. That leaves Gibson with a lot of catches.


My personal opinion on fantasy is that Mike Wallace will be the fantasy beast this year that came out if let field. IMO, hr is more talented than desean jackson and will have 1000+ yards and 8 scores this coming year. Ryan Tannehill will have 4500 yards, 30+ combine throwing and rushing TDs and 7 or less INTs. Other than that, I don't see anyone else being fantasy relevant other than MAYBE, Charles clay as a low top 10 TE.

I Will agree with you on the part about cheering I for other players that are playing the Phjns. It is EXTREMELY difficult to draft any players in the AFC east such as tom brady. It's all a part of being in a fantasy league. But I enjoy the living hell out of fantasy so I won't be stopping any time soon. Especially since I am defending champion! Lol