Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Miami Dolphins Next Man In

The news Mike Pouncey was having surgery and will likely miss the start of the regular season was a downer this last week for Dolphins fans. However, it could be worse. Buffalo just lost Kiko Alonso for the season. I will admit I don’t know Buffalo’s roster that well, but I am pretty sure that is a big blow to their defense.  In the games against the Dolphins he was very impressive against both the run and the pass. Speaking of Mike Pouncey, the signing of Daryn Colledge would seem to indicate that the Dolphins are going to stay in-house to fill the center position. Although, it is still a possibility they will bring in a veteran center before camp starts.  I do like the Colledge signing from a depth stand point. I feel our tackles have been improved over last season, however, I feel the guard position is much more of an unknown.  We have a guy that could not break the lineup on the worst line the Dolphins have had in years and a guy that only started a handful of games for the Rams. Behind them a rookie small school draft pick. I do like the ability that Billy Turner, Shelly Smith and Dallas Thomas bring to the team. But it is fair to say none of them are battle tested. Colledge gives the team a competent veteran. He is not going to be a dominant guard. But it makes me feel better to have someone we can plug in if another injury occurs or if the current guards are getting eaten up in camp. You just never know when you are going to need the next man to step up in the NFL.
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I think they will be tweeking the O Line through out camp, which was going to happen anyway with the guard positions. Now we have to factor the center position in as well.

Until they get a better handle on Pouncey's return date, I don't expect any major FA signings at center.


I like the signing of Colledge myself. I personally believe guard is the deepest position on the O-Line this year. We have better atheletes at center and tackle but no depth. The signing screams that Sam Brenner will most likely be Pouncey's replacement until he is able to play again. I am happy with the idea. Brenner is a solid lineman. As long as he makes the correct protection calls, the 'Fins should be fine until Pouncey's return.