Saturday, July 12, 2014

LeBron and the dolphins

Miami is a town that loves it's winners. Some might say that many in town are front-running phonies. They love seeing championships but can't be bothered with mediocrity.

The dolphins have struggled with mediocrity and thus attendance for the better part of two decades.

And in the last 4 years, they've had to compete with the Heat and LeBron, and the fact that there were four championship series.

Now LeBron has gone. I can appreciate his desire to "go home" - it shows he's human and perhaps had some humbleness or humility.

But it probably means that the Heat will join the Dolphins, Marlins, Canes, and Panthers as teams to yawn about and see if they play well, have a big moment, or if you want to see the other team play.

And in some ways that may help the dolphins. I doubt they will ever be *the* team again. But maybe they at least get a little more attention for things other than the Martin incident.

But there's still a danger - if one of the other teams gets hot or makes a bold move. Or if the dolphins don't succeed to at least where they were last year. No, they could remain an afterthought.

That's my two cents.
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Because of the popularity of the NFL, the Dolphins will always be Miami's flagship franchise.

And if they get as good as they were from 1970-2003, 34 years with only 2 losing seasons, they could be the flagship of the AFC East again as well.


I would take 9-7 and a wild card...