Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Color me a bit skeptical...

Mike Pouncey was named frequently in the Wells report. 

He was told to undergo psychological counseling before he could return to the team, and his suspension was to be determined before the season.

He balked at undergoing counseling. And then got injured.  I have no doubt he was actually injured, but the fact that the injury would cause him to miss 4 games seemed suspicious.  That was about the amount he was expected to be suspended, if he was at all.

Then, the NFL quietly announced there would be no suspension which made me scratch my head.  Coincidence?

And now there's a report that it will take longer to recover than previously thought, and he'll probably miss 8 games. 

It may be that this is so.  But it sure is convenient, and would certainly overlap with any suspension he may have faced. 

I'll go this route: funny how karma works....
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Pouncey gets paid while being injured. He would have lost his salary during any suspension or he may have been fined.

I think the league felt the team dealt with the situation head on by suspending the ring leader, Incognito, and decided to move on to a proactive approach to combating bullying and hazing in the locker room.

Players have been busting balls for years and will continue to do so. With that in mind, I believe the league doesn't want to set a precedent by suspending Pouncey until all their guidelines are in effect.