Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A followup to my LeBron comment

I was asked several times over the last week or so whether I *really* believed that the Phins can't become *the* team again.  The answer is that I do believe that.  There's an opportunity to carve into the market again, but I think its an uphill battle to become the hot ticket.

My reasons can be summed up with these two thoughts:
(1) There is no one on this roster who is a must-see guy.  A hero.  Someone fans can feel good about.  Sure, Tannehill's jersey is a good seller.  But I am not sure he is "the guy"...he's too quiet and doesn't have the panache or the flashy stats to really help market the team.

and (2) their record over the last decade plus rivals some of the league's worst for the same span of time. In 2001, they went 11-5, and lost a wildcard game. 

Since, they have gone (in order from 2002):

That's  85-107, or a 44% winning percentage.

Couple that with one playoff appearance (also a loss), and I think the luster is gone.  Shula left nearly twenty years ago, and so the Jimm-uh era is in the distant past.  Essentially a generation has been brought up through mediocrity.  Those of us who are old enough to remember Marino in his prime still relish the special nature of that.

But its tough to assume that even a 10-6 record this season would really do a lot to make this team come back into the spotlight.

And that's my reasoning.


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Tannehill's stats will be as follows this season:

4500 passing yards.
30 combined rushing & passing TD's
7 INT's or less

So IMO, he can and will be "the guy"


The NFL is quite a bit different from the NBA when it comes to being able to get a WOW factor. The Heat basically got the best player in the game as a free agent. If the NBA had a franchise player tag Lebron would have never been in Miami in the first place. The reality is if Miami wants to be the hot ticket in Miami they have to win as a team. One star player with personality can't do it. I think winning a playoff game would be huge. Winning a super bowl would make them the hot ticket team in Miami once again. It is down right depressing when you look at how long it has been since the team won a playoff game.


You are so correct Dave and gofins4sb.

However, I would love a sip of what Lawrence is drinking!!!


Make no mistake Carl, I am not drinking anything, although some moonshine would be nice right about now! I am stating soon to be facts! Tannehill had a great season last year considering his line was the worst in the NFL, his offensive coordinator had zero creativity, every defense knew the snap count, and his # 3 reciever and starting TE were lost to injuries! 24 TD's and nearly 4000 yards considering all that is phenomenal! What I predicted isn't that far off from what he already accomplished last year! Just think of the improvements that have been made...!


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