Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ryan Tannehill Made It Snow In New Mexico....

Thank you Ryan. It seems you made it snow here in little old New Mexico. As some of you know, I live in a desert climate in the state of New Mexico. Things got kind of slow so I decided to see what the latest was from Dolphins mandatory mini camp and what I found was either really disappointing or somewhat of a miracle. I see it as a miracle, here is why I believe Ryan Tannehill made it snow, (no seriously, it was brief, maybe 15 seconds but snow none the less), here in New Mexico...

It seems the offense had a rough day at mini camp. A few dropped passes, blown assignments, & even a little laziness. On one occasion Rishard Matthews, one of the recievers battling for a roster spot blew his assignment and gave up on a busted play at which point Ryan Tannehill reportedly ran up to him, grabbed him by the face mask and yelled at the top of his lungs to "play through the whistle!!!!!" On a later play, another rookie reciever Gerald Ford, completely blew an assignment and again Tannehill ran up to him, got in his face and gave him a piece of his mind.

Now, one can take this 2 ways. On one hand, the offense didnt have a great day but keep in mind, its a new offense for everyone. Everything is not going to be perfect. On the other hand I AM ECSTATIC that Tannehill has a fire under his ass to be the leader of this team! It is actually quite refreshing. We all have heard of the hell to pay from Tom Brady if one of New England's recievers miss an assignment. It is EXPECTED that everyone knows what the hell they are doing in Patriot land, why should it be different in Miami??! Could this be a sign that the culture is changing for Dolphin football? I would like to think so but at the very least I enjoyed the snow Ryan!!!.....
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Lawrence, where in NM? I'm a finsfan in Roswell. Miami born and raised.


Phins fan since '82 from Belen, NM. I enjoyed the article and agree with 100 percent! I'm also wondering were Lawrence is from?


I'm from Albuquerque!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

This is a big year for Tannehill and I think he knows it too. He has a lot riding on it and hopefully he can plow through it.

Did I just say "plow through it"? Well maybe since it was NM it didn't stick. Just saying.