Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is Miami really doomed after losing Mike Pouncy for at least 6 weeks?

I am still cringing at the thought that our only returning starting offensive lineman from last season is out for a minimum of 6 weeks to recover from hip surgery. I am trying to be optimistic because Sam Brenner did a fantastic job last year as a fill in after the bullying scandal. The only problem is that it was at guard, not center. Thoughts on the center situation?
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Let Benton build a line with the pieces they have. He has a record of building good lines with average players. I think it might actually be a good thing to start with a whole new line. I know I am going to lambasted for saying this, I don't think he is all that great a loss. Don't get me wrong he is a good center, but he is not great, on top of that he is a thug and suffers from mouth not connected to brain. We had both Dwight Stephenson and Jim Langer on this team and got over losing them. Now those are two GREAT centers that were lost prematurely and guess what, the Dolphins lines moved on and continued to be successful. This just might be one of those addition by subtraction situations, maybe. No need for the doom and gloom.


ChrisC: I think you are right. At least I hope so.


Hopefully you are right about not missing Pouncey, but let's face it ChrisC, there are only 4 Pro Bowl centers in the entire league elected by their competitors and Pouncey is one of them.

He may not be so easily replaced, certainly at the same level of play. I would like to get him back as soon as possible.

Also, I prefer having tough and nasty thugs banging heads in the trenches and leave the choir boys in the skill positions on offense.

Granted he can be an idiot at times but anyone who is willing to sacrifice his future health for today's paycheck is probably not a Rhode Scholar anyway.

If there is any silver lining with this situation, it is that at least Poncey's injury happened prior to camp opening so we do have a good amount of time to try to fix this problem. Plus, as you already stated ChrisC, Benton, as well as Philbin, are good O Line coaches so they may be able to coach someone up to consistently play to a good, not necessarily a great level until Pouncey returns.

Who knows, we may actually catch a break here and surprisingly create another pro bowl center in the process.

Let's hope it all works out and doesn't cost us any games.


I sure hope you guys are right Carl & ChirsC.....