Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dolphins Catch Breaks With Schedule

When 25% of your games are going to be played against future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, catching any kind of break, no matter how small, is huge.

This season we have two games on the road and two games at home against 3 guys heading to Canton.

On September 7th, we open the season hosting Tom Brady and the Patriots and on October 12th we host Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Then on November 23rd we travel up to Denver to face Peyton Manning and the Broncos and on December 14th we head up to Foxboro to face Tom Brady and the Patriots for our second division game against him.

Now two on the road and two at home doesn't seem like a break unless you consider that we could have gone to Green Bay instead of to Detroit and Chicago in our games against the NFC North.

So catching Rodgers at home, where we play the Packers very tough considering our 6-1 record against them in Miami is a break.  We have the all time edge vs. the Packers at 10-3. 

And in Rodgers only game against Miami on October 17, 2010, we came away with a 23-20 OT victory at Lambeau Field. 

Rodgers was 18 of 33 for 313 yards with one TD against one Interception with a QB Rating of 84.3.

So Rodgers is 0-1 against the Dolphins. How about that!

Peyton Manning hasn't faired that well against us either. He has a career record against us of 5-7 and hasn't put up Hall of Fame numbers.

In those games he has completed 244 passes in 404 attempts for 2957 yards with 18 TDs against 18 Interceptions. His QB Rating in those games comes to only a pedestrian 60.5.

Fear not Dolfans.

Now Brady, on the other hand, is 17-7 vs the Dolphins.  In those games he has thrown for 5306 yards with 42 TDs against 20 Interceptions and is just over 90 with his QB Rating.

He has had 3 of his worst games in his career against us:
On October 7, 2001, he passed for only 86 yards on 12 completions in 24 attempts.
On October 10, 2004, he passed for only 76 yards on 7 completions in 19 attempts and still won.
On December 10, 2006, he passed for only 78 yards on 12 completions in 25 attempts. 

But he has owned us too. He has carved us up.

When I first looked at the schedule something jumped right out at me along with facing these 3 Hall of Fame QBs.

In 3 of these 4 games against them we catch a HUGE BREAK!

Before each of the first 3 games we face them, we get extended time to prepare for them.

Coyle will need it.

Game 1: We open the season against the Pats and Brady at home and as we all know both teams will get a week off heading into the game as, generally, no starters will play in the last preseason game.  That gives our defense 14 days to rest and prepare.

Game 2: On October 12th, we face the Packers and Rodgers at home immediately after our BYE week.  That gives our defense 14 days to rest and prepare. 

Granted that the Packers play on Thursday Night the previous week so our rest advantage won't be as great but they do host the Vikings in what will be a very physical game.

Game 3: On November 23rd, we face the Broncos and Manning in Denver after we host the Bills on Thursday November 13th.  That gives our defense 10 days to rest and prepare.

Leading into those three games we pick up an additional 17 days of rest and preparation than we would have had during a normal week.  That's an 80% increase.  

In a quarterback driven league, having 17 additional days to prepare for 3 Hall of Fame QBs is a HUGE BREAK!

The fourth game on December 14th at NE follows a normal week and it also ends what I see as a very tough 6 game stretch.  At Detroit, short week hosting Bills, at Denver, at Jets MNF, short week hosting Ravens and then finish the 6 game stretch at NE. 

4 games out of those 6 are on the road. This stretch will determine our success.

At the very least, the league did give us a leg up against Brady, Rodgers and Manning.

For that I am thankful and hopeful.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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One other break we have is we are the away team in the game in London. That basically is a neutral location giving us one less away game. Granted our schedule is much harder than a AFC South schedule but I will take rest before key games anytime. Good article!


Good point on London Gofins4sb and thanks.


Carl, that 6 games stretch that you speak of will be pointless if we don't go 4-0 or at least 3-1 before the bye week. We have to defeat the Pats and Bills in our house and one of the other two games. I prefer we go 4-0 before the bye. We can do it if we score a lot of points. We cannot take our foot off of the gas until the game is won!


If we are 4-4 going into the 6 game stretch and win all 6 then we finish with Vikings and Jets at home which could leave us at 12-4.
Lets face it, we need to win a lot of close games and we are gonna need some breaks along the way.
We have a very tough schedule this year and we had better play very well through out the whole season because when it gets down to the tie breakers for the wild card we better own the AFC. I don't believe we will win the division unless we play very very well against the Pats and then just very well against everyone else.


8-8 this year me thinks. Next year will be the year when this squad of young players matures. If we have a losing record at halfway I d trade Wake, but that's a whole other article!


I wouldn't trade Wake because my jury is still out on Jordan. I am not sure if 20 extra pounds will be enough for him to compete with those left tackles that threw him around like a rag doll last year.
Wake could garner a good draft pick but next year's draft won't be as loaded as this one was. The value for next year's draft isn't worth the trade.


10-6 this year guys...THill is going to bring us to the promise land. Sherman was holding him back and he kind of regressed although his numbers improved a bit. Lazor is our best signing as well as Finnegan, he and grimes will be a very good combo at CB. Dion Jordan will have 8 sacks, he is a genetic freak of a man with world class speed plus he put on like 20 pounds of muscle, he is ready to play with the big boys. We do have a pretty tough schedule but to be the best you gotta beat the best.


If Tannehill has not mastered the deep ball to Wallace, we can forget it. We will be 0-4 or 1-3 at the break because it appears that Lazor is not even considering who gives us the best chance to win. It is like, his attitude is; either we train Tannehill or just accept whatever he becomes at the start of the season. I know, since Matt Moore can throw a beautiful deep ball, that he could put every game out of reach by halftime; because Mike Wallace has shown that he can get behind the defensive backs at will.


Dave is back pounding the Matt Moore drum.
And in the end, you may have been right all along.


QB COMPARISON: SP- short pass / IM- intermediate / DP- deep pass
Matt Moore SP- 7 / IM- 7 DP- 10
Pat Devlin SP-8 / IM-8 / DP- 9
Ryan Tannehill SP-8 / IM-9 / DP-4
This scale should help Lazor make a logical decision on who starts on opening day! The deep pass yields the most points the fastest. So it is the most important pass because it also causes the most damage to an opposing defense and keeps the defense from stacking the line regularly.


Dave is on the job!!!
I like Matt Moore. But Tannehill will start again this year until he screws up.


Take your point Carl, but it depends on if you think we ll be Superbowl ready by the time wake loses his juice. Personally I think we re 3 years off at best, so I d cash in next year if we re not strongly in the playoff hunt. I love wake, but Jordon was drafted to replace.


I understand Mouldymuffin!
Jordan may turn out to be one of Ireland's worst picks. His body type doesn't fit our scheme.
Jordan would be better served in a 3-4 defense like Lawrence Taylor. He may grow some more but he will need to get to 280-290 lbs to be an effective 4-3 DE


Matt Moore is a freaking backup, period.


Matt Moore is a freaking backup, period.


Matt Moore has the best job in all of sports!
If I could be a professional athlete, I would love to be a veteran back up QB.

Think about it.

You get a few million a year to hang out with the team and you don't take the hits. You golf every Tuesday with no pain. The press wishes you could start and you don't get blamed for anything.

Its the perfect job in sports.


Dion Jordon was not a need pick and he had a bad shoulder coming in. It would be fair to say he was a bad pick at #3 overall because he was not a player getting significant playing time right away. However, I don't agree that he is not big enough to play DE. It is being reported he is 265 witch is just as big as Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon. Check out some footage of him at OTAs. The guy looks like a beast. I saw a clip of him working with Jason Taylor yesterday and he was way bigger than Taylor. Jason player at about Dion's weight last year. I really think it is Dion learning how to play more than his body. He did not play a lot of true DE and is still learning the position. Wake is 32 years old ( two years older that Starks!) that is hard to believe. I don't think you can expect Cameron to play at his current level for more than a couple more seasons and it would be wise to rest him some so I have feeling Dion is going to surprise some people.


You may be right gofins4sb.
Jason Pierre-Paul took a couple years to develop and he is a beast now.
If Jordan takes the same path, I willbe more than pleased.


Who started the most games at QB for the undefeated Dolphins? You never know when our season will be in the hands if the great Matt Morrall .. I mean Moore


LOL gofins4sb!!!


I also disagree that Jordan is not big enough to play DE. They said the same thing about Jason Taylor, and his is...well, Jason Taylor. nuf said.

Also, regarding the Tannehill/Wallace deep-ball connection: I believe that that is developed in practice to a certain extent (obviously) but fine-tuned in real games. Very difficult to achieve perfection when your QB is running for his life behind a leaky offensive line. 58 sacks in 2013, C'mon, man.