Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thoughts on the offseason....

Haven't been here in awhile but I like the new look. Good job Dave! It is appreciated. OK, so we have a new offensive coordinator, couple of new rookie lineman, hopefully the bullying crap is behind us if the Dolphins can stay off twitter, and we had a decent draft. I for one was totally surprised with the round 1 pick but I do like it. The tackle from 'Bama was thought to be better but is often hurt, not a good thing for a rookie. All the activity has been great and somewhat exciting but I can't help but stop myself from getting overly hyped for this team. It's like déjà vu from last year all over again...your thoughts?....
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Good to have you back, Lawrence!

I am on a slow simmer right now , on pace to boil around middle of trading camp.

I like James pick too.


Anyone able to do an article re the dolphins cap / contract positions for each player on the roster? I love articles like that; they give a real flavour of the strategic direction of the team