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Seven Round Miami Dolphin Mock Draft

Like a lot of Mock Draft fans, I have been logging onto and playing their 7 round draft game.

If you haven't played their free draft game, you should, provided you have a couple hours to spare. You will at the very least get a good idea who will be available in which rounds.

Here is my latest 7 round draft.

Round 1 (pick 19): all the top tackles are gone although Mosley, Ebron and Pryor are available but
I accept a trade from New Orleans for their 1st Round #27, 3rd round #27 and 6th Round #27.

Round 1 (pick 27) the three mentioned above are gone but a couple corners who I like, Roby and Fuller, are still available and I can get one of them a little later so I accept a trade from New England for 1st Round #30 and 2nd Round #30

Round 1 (pick 30) CB Kyle Fuller is still available...but Washington offers their #2 pick in each of the 2nd, 4th and 5th rounds. I couldn't resist and decided to run the risk losing Fuller through 4 picks.

Round 2 (pick 2) Virginia CB Kyle Fuller is still there and now I take him. I like Fuller because at 6', 190 LBS, he plays the run well and is perfect for playing in a zone system which we use. We now have an excellent addition in case Finnegan doesn't pan out.

Round 2 (pick 18) Nevada OG/OT Joel Bitonio who at 6'4", 302 LBS, can play either spot depending on who I grab later.

Round 2 (pick 30) Ohio State OT Jack Mewhort to play right tackle so Bitonio can slide inside. Mewhort is 6'6", 309 LBS and is better suited to play the right side in the NFL than the left side.

Round 3 (pick 17) Notre Dame TE Troy Niklas who at 6'6", 270 LBS is a great target over the middle and in the red zone. He has only played TE for 2 years so his in-line blocking needs some work but he has the all the tools and upside to be a bona-fide #1 TE.

Round 3 (pick 27) Washington State SS Deone Buchanon who at 6'1", 211 LBS, brings a hurting in his tackling. Needs some work on cover skills but will play special teams with a vengeance.

Round 4 (pick 2) Tennessee DT Daniel McCullers who at 6'7", 352 LBS, is a huge run stuffer and should hopefully tie up two blockers and free up the middle linebacker. He does need some technique work.

Round 4 (pick 16) Towson State RB Terrance West who at 5'9", 225 LBS can run between the tackles and take a pounding. I see him as our short yardage and goal line RB or for nursing the lead late in the game. He will compliment Moreno and Miller very well and cost Thomas his job.

Round 5 (pick 2) Florida OLB Ron Powell who at 6'3", 237 LBS, is a gifted athlete with a muscular build. However, he is a bit of a prima-dona so he will need to get knocked around in camp and break him of that crap in a hurry. He can help on special teams and rush the passer.

Round 5 (pick 15) Notre Dame WR T.J. Jones who at 6', 188 LBS, is a very good route runner with soft reliable hands. Will be a good #2-3 receiver as he bulks up a little and will upgrade our depth at WR.

Round 6 (pick 14) Duke CB Ross Cockrell who at 6', 191 LBS, plays smart and has good eyes, anticipation and awareness. He is a ball hawking zone corner who can play the nickel and special teams immediately.

Round 6 (pick 27) Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas who at 6'6", 248 LBS, can see over the line and is a beast to bring down. Would be a great project for OC Lazor to work with. Strong armed but needs refinement. If he plays well in preseason, we could possibly trade Matt Moore.

Round 7 (pick 19) Montana ILB Brock Coyle who at 6'1", 235 LBS, will shoot for a special team position and add some inside depth. He has a nose for the football finishing last season with 125 tackles, 13.5 for losses, 2 interceptions, 4 sacks and 5 forced fumbles.

It looks like we solved some O-Line issues and got some much needed depth across the board that will upgrade our special teams too. Each draft is different when you play this game on so give it a try and see how you do.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Dennis "Trade Down" Hickey at the helm


Lol...I think we should...lots of depth here so if a needed stud is gone and we can grab someone later, why not.
We could also trade back up for a need as well but there is no negotiating when making a trade. You either get accepted or they pick a player. Some drafts Cincinnati would want to trade up and Mosley or Pryor would still be available.