Monday, May 19, 2014

Not sure what to make of it all....

The wells report came out a couple of months ago. The GM somewhat indirectly lost his job, the trainer lost his job. The guy at the center of it all (incognito) had already lost his job. Another lineman - jerry - had already left. And both faced a "must undergo psychological evaluation" before they can rejoin any team,

The coach was essentially called ignorant to the situation (not a label you'd necessarily want to have) and survived.

And curiously, mike pouncey, whose name appears throughout the report essentially has remained unscathed to this point. Then he makes a stupid comment about the lineman they drafted and as ray finkle point out (via a hank Goldberg comment) it seems unlikely he would still be with the team at all if he weren't a pro bowler.

And yet here he is. Loads of references to his bullying, to drug use, to just generally being an ass. And the dolphins choose to turn a blind eye and do nothing and say they'll leave it up to the nfl. The NFL......has done nothing. And no telling when (or even if) they will.

And I was willing to just let it go (man that song from frozen is etched in my brain these days)...until I heard something from hickey himself. What he said was that he has asked pouncey to take the new guy under his wing and teach him what it's like to be a pro player. And help him learn the offense, etc,

On the one hand, I guess they're asking pouncey to grow. But on the other, isn't that like asking the fox to guard the henhouse?

Maybe it's just me, but I thought it kind of odd.
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What everyone keeps forgetting is that these are GROWN MEN. Not children on their first day of school. I'd like to think James can take care of himself and can say something if Mike Pouncy says or does something wrong. Your basing your thoughts, the entire Wells report on a sad little victimized loser like Jonathan Martin. Let it go.


Ummm. The dolphins and NFL took it seriously enough to hire an outside investigator and delayed the report several times to not distract from the game. 100+ pages sound like more than just one guys problem.

And yes they are grown men. And it's the testosterone infused nfl. But we the public pay for it and therefore they have to maintain a certain level of dignity. And the safe workplace comes into play (otherwise why hire hr people?)


The Wells report never would've stood up to the scrutiny of a civil or criminal courtroom. They would've been laughed out of the room. This is just one example of how liberalism ruins a perfectly good sport.

Even so I am glad all 3 of those clowns are gone. At least Pouncy can play.

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I blame Obama.


The issue is not the report, since this is a media/marketing procedure required by any organized sport league... you have to look like you care for all of your employees. People tend to forget that Martin checked himself into a mental institution when he left the dolphins; this, indicates a mental issue. Is he NFL capable "yes", is he NFL ready "no". San Francisco will find this out, plus he may not know it but every guy in that locker room will ignore him like the plague.


While I don't have all that much of a problem with the NFL deciding to clean up this type of behavior, what I find sickening about their reaction is they could have drafted clear-cut rules against it years, if not decades, ago if they had so decided. As it stands, it appears that they are punishing players for behavior that was previously ignored and makes it look like the punishments driven more by public image concerns than caring about wrong and right.

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The NFL's #1 asset is its public image. If the NFL feels its image is tarnished, it will take action, but that action only exists in the context of a public image fix. The Wells report was nothing more than PR by the NFL and the Dolphins. It was enough to give a plausible argument to 90% the NFL fans that actually cared about this bullying nonsense that the NFL is doing something.

But in reality, this report did nothing. The O-Line was in shambles, and, no matter what Philbin or the Wells report said about Turner, you know Turner would have eventually gotten blamed for the most QB sacks in team history. And it was clear Incognito was well past his prime, and likely was going to get cut anyway... he really isn't the kind of guy you want on the bench. And if the wells report was really going to have teeth, you would have expected Pouncy to see some kind of disciplinary action.

Its obvious to a lot of us that the Wells report is a farce, but there isn't much use in whining about it one way or the other. Do we really expect the game to make a significant change over this? Do we even really want a change? Seems like most people don't.