Friday, May 16, 2014

Marlin the magician Briscoe

Omaha films has done a movie about Marlin Briscoe.  The trouble is that it hasn't been released because the NFL hasn't agreed to it. What "we" are asking is to sign a petition, to urge the nfl to help promote it.  In the wake of all the trouble players in the NFL get into seeing something positive should be a no brainer but the NFL still has looked the other way. 

Briscoe of course was the first black quarterback in the nfl, though he went to have a successful career as a receiver, including with the dolphins. 

Following his initial entry into the NFL with Denver and then in 72 with the Dolphins, he retired and went on a huge life altering drug addiction that almost got him killed.  He recovered with a lot of help including Tom Flores of the Raiders and more.  His story is immensely inspirational and the movie about his life is drawing closer to becoming reality.

The official petition is located at this address:  NFL: tell the story of Marlin Briscoe
NFL: tell the story of Marlin Briscoe
Bring the story of the Magician, the first starting black QB in NFL history to the big screen.
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If you would like to know more about Marlin, you can visit this page. 
Marlin Briscoe Exclusives
Who is "The Magician"? The Magician is Marlin Briscoe. is pleased to bring you the latest on a film about the life, the addictions, and the se...
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This guy deserves to be recognized as a pioneer...not for being the NFL's first starting black QB but for being one of the first recovered drug addicts who spends his entire life now working with kids to keep them out of the trouble he got into.

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