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1st Round Mock Draft 2.0 (With trades and analysis of every pick)

Predicting trades in the NFL draft is something that is pretty much impossible. For example just last year who saw the Dolphins trading up to the number 3 spot. Or who saw the Falcons trading up to grab Julio Jones? This is my best try at this and hopefully it goes well

1. Jadeveon Clowney DE- I see it really hard to trade out of the number one spot so I still see Clowney in Houston.

2. Greg Robinson OT( From Rams)- I think the Rams would love to trade out of this position and there has been rumors that the falcons want to Robinson. Atlanta has not been shy about trading up in the draft before so I can see this happening

3. Sammy Watkins WR- The Jaguars may wait until the 2nd or 3rd round to draft a QB, so go with the big time receiver. It is still unclear if Blackmon will be able to play in 2014 due to a suspension.

4. Johnny Manziel QB (From Browns)- This would be the trade that blows up Twitter and ESPN together. Cowboys have gone 8-8 in the last few seasons missing out of the playoffs at the last game of the season. With Romo hurt could Manziel save them?

5. Khalil Mack OLB-  The Raiders are getting older on offense and with a win now mentality that they now have they need an immediate starter who can contribute right away. He fits in well with their defense.

6. Jake Matthews OT (From Falcons)- I think the Rams would be very content if this happened, they might have Matthews as their number one rated OT, so this trade back would help them

7. Mike Evans WR- Well McCown is the starter so time to give him a nice target to pair with Vincent Jackson 
8. CJ Mosley MLB- The Vikings missed on Ponder and might be hesitant on drafting another QB so early, I believe they wait a little bit for their QB. 

9. Eric Ebron TE- The Bills look to add a big playmaker here and try to have another weapon next to Johnson

10. Justin Gilbert CB- The Lions need some defensive secondary help and Gilbert is the first step for that

11. Anthony Barr OLB- The Titans get some a nice pass rush from Barr to pressure Andrew Luck and the two potential rookie QBs in their division.

12. Zach Martin OT/OG- The Giants have needs on the offensive line but I think they need it more around the Guard or Center position which is why i think the Giants will surprise us with the Martin pick. 

13. Darqueze Dennard CB- With Finnegan gone they need another physical CB, and Dennard brings that.
14. Aaron Donald NT- The bears were one of the worst on defense last season and they need help up front to pair up with new additions like Allen and Lamarr Houston. 

15. Odell Beckman JR WR- They need another wide out to help Ben out, and I think this is the pick.  

16. Taylor Lewan OT (From Browns)- The Dolphins see that Taylor Lewan, a Michigan man (Ross),  slipping down the draft and trade up ahead of the Ravens to snatch him up.

17. Ha'Sean Clinton Dix FS- They need another play maker center fielder since Reed left. 

18. Marquise Lee WR- The Jets have barely any weapons on offense so they need a weapon for Geno Vick. 

19. Blake Bortles QB (From Dolphins)- The Browns trade down again and get Bortles who has slipped down in this mock draft. Bortles draws comparisons to Big Ben and we all know how Ben has done against the Browns. They get a QB who can play nicely in that AFC North weather. 

20. Ryan Shazier OLB- They may go QB here but I think they wait until the second round

21. Stephon Tuitt DT- The Packers weren't good at stopping the run last season.

22. Kelvin Benjamin WR- The Eagles need another playmaker now that DeSean is gone

23. Brandin Cooks WR- More weapons for Alex Smith is never a bad thing.

24. Kyle Fuller CB- Fuller slips down a bit and the Bengals are content helping out the secondary

25. Bradly Roby CB- Arguably the number one need for the Chargers is a CB and they get one here

26.  Cody Latimer WR- Now with Bortles they need more playmakers around him. Latimer has been shooting up draft boards.

27. Louis Nix DT- They make go wide out to stretch the field, but I think the defense is more of a need here.

28. Davante Adams WR- Steve Smith is gone so it only makes sense to get another Wide out. 

29. Teddy Bridgewater QB (From Patriots)- 3 things are certain in life, death, taxes, and the Patriots trading down out of the first. The Jaguars pounce (no pun intended) for Bridgewater to draft a WR and a QB in the first round. 

30. Jason Verrett CB- Another CB could be what the 49ers need in order to push themselves ahead of the Seahawks

31. Kyle Van Noy OLB- The Broncos addressed everything of need essentially in free agency. They still need a linebacker so i think this is the  pick

 32. Xavier Su'a-Filo OG- The defending champs need some help on the line   so Su'a-Filo makes sense

This is one of the harder (and more fun) mock drafts I have made. Trying to predict the trades, and picks was challenging and I would be content if I got just 1 trade correct or if I predict just 10 players who land in the team correctly. Let me know if you guys agree with the picks and any feedback you may have.
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Wow, Richard, this would be a wild draft night if Cowboys trade down for Manziel. No one would care who got picked after that. Not sure about trading up for Taylor Lewan, a left tackle who may not be able to handle the right side.
Knowing what we were giving up for moving up would help me decide.


I would think a 3rd or 4th round pick would be good to move up 2 spots up. But yea this would be a crazy draft, I just had fun with it


Nice Mock!. I really don't think Miami is going to go Tackle in the first round unless either Martin or Lewan fall to them. They really need a right tackle and in this draft they can get one in second round. Albert gives them a little cushion to draft a right tackle vs having to take one that can play left. Ideally we would get a stud but not at the price of moving up. What I am reading is you need to grade the whole draft value about 1 full round up with this one. So a 3rd round pick is like a 2nd round pick in most drafts. Most teams want to move down. Where things are going to get very very interesting is the Quarterbacks. A lot of poker is being played and the boards are going to vary a lot. I am hoping teams go after Bortles, Bridgewater, Manziel etc and it lets some quality players fall like Lewan, CJ Mosley, Ebron etc.


I was having a hard time finding someone who would trade up to the Dolphins spot so I took the trade up scenario. In this mock Bortles and Bridgewater fall but I could very much see them being picked high. I really don't know where they can go. I have liked Mosley because he can be a very solid player for us and possibly a pro bowler. And then get a tackle in the 2nd.


But I agree, root for the QBs to be picked early


Hi from London England. Nice mock and you're right predicting trades adds a fun element. You may as well try as we all know the order will change. As a fin fan since 1984 I am depressed by the idea of another OL in first round let alone a trade up! We need impact players to put bums on seats in round 1 and then I would be happy with the entire draft being lineman...Shazier, Mosely or best WR available for me


Agreed. Look at Mocks from 4-6 weeks ago with even Carr posted to be drafted in the 1st round. Now thanks to constant leaks about the weak QB class suddenly there is a QB free first round? I don't see it. At least 2 probably 3 QB's going in first round