Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Non football hires

The dolphins announced a couple pf hires yesterday. They announced a new director of security who used to be an FBI agent. While it's not all that odd, it just seems weird, like they need to investigate more or something.

Then they hired a new person in charge of human resources who used to hold a similar position at toys r us. I guess that makes sense since they're a bunch of highly paid children.

And finally, they hired a human resources liaison to work in the locker room. He'll be the hall monitor, and really this position was completely expected in light of the bullying deal.

And while none of these positions are unusual or surprising, together they feel more corporate; this is not a "football team" but rather a company that provides entertainment. And has a corporate structure.

Welcome to the 21st century.
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Very funny Dave.
The FBI guy better know how to stay a step ahead of any idiot moves by any players and if someone does something stupid, hopefully he can squash it with his fellow men in blue.