Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hickey Building Depth And Covering His Bases Just Incase...

Every draft pundit on the globe has the Miami Dolphins drafting a right tackle in the first round of April's NFL Draft. But one never knows for sure.

Does one?

There are too many variables. Teams do trade up and beat you to the punch or there can be an early run on tackles leaving nothing in the cupboard when we finally get around to # 19.

Or there is someone left there staring you right in the face that you never thought could possibly fall all the way down to you and oh, its so tempting, maybe I shouldn't, oh, what the hell, lets skip conventional wisdom and take this absolute stud at another position!

Like I said, variables. The only guarantee in the NFL draft is that there are no guarantees after Pick #1. And we have been there before.

So what does Dennis Hickey do? He realizes that the higher the number you are assigned in the draft, your chances of getting exactly whom you want decline proportionately.

Everyone would love to see us be able to trade back and pick up a couple extra picks in this year's draft that is loaded with such a ridiculously deep pool of talent AND still get a starting right tackle.

But since this is the real NFL Draft and not your fantasy draft, lets assume the tackle is there. So we grab him.

What if he isn't? Then what?

The signing of Jason Fox answers the question to that very scenario.

Is Fox an All Pro tackle? No.

Expected to be? No.

Can he start and play? Yes.

Is he an upgrade over what we had last year? 58 Sacks say that anyone who can fit into a Miami Dolphin helmet is an upgrade.

So just incase our man isn't there at 19, we should still be OK. Not great at RT but OK.

And at the very least, we should have a significant improvement in depth on the OL.

Just incase.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Great Article Carl. The changes in the type of player Miami is going after is really starting to take shape. To the extent of it feeling like a sunny day after years under a dark cloud.


"Sunny days make me feel fine..."
Thanks gofins4sb!!