Monday, March 10, 2014

Will Hickey Make Big Splash As He Dives Into His First Free Agency

Dennis Hickey, Miami Dolphins newly minted GM, is just 24 hours away from his first free agency period with the team and all indications are that he is willing to sign some big names for some big bucks.

And three words come to mind as to why I can see this happening...Two Year Contract!!

That's right...two year contract.

Hickey is under contract for two years, that's all. No time to build through the draft. No time to sit on your hands.

Stephen Ross has given Hickey exactly 48 months and Dawn Aponte has set him up with a pile of cash to work with.

So why not go beyond tire kicking and test drives.  You know what you want. You know what you need. You know what is on the lot.

Hickey is ready to drive off the lot at approximately 4:10 PM Tuesday with a Honda SUV in the name of LT Branden Albert.

He likes the reliability and the torque. He can live with the cracked leather seats and the extra miles as long as the vehicle starts 16 times this fall and gets him through the day without needing a tow truck for his QB.   

Then Hickey will drive down the street for a couple miles and pull into the Porsche lot and drive off with a 911 with a few miles on it but it handles real well and can go from 0-40 in 4.5 seconds which is truly needed in center field on defense.

Yep, look for a hard top convertible playing safety in the name of Jarius Byrd.

Now Dawn Aponte, the salary cap guru, will show Hickey how cheap these easy payment plans can be with signing bonuses and 3-4 year contracts of which Dennis "If you are not completely satisfied, you only have to bring the car back after 2 years and we can work out a new payment plan then."

So Dennis Hickey will get his get his 2 new toys in his first 24 hours of free agency.  He will park them out front in Davie and show them off to the world. 

Friends will stop by to peak inside. They will ask about the mileage and reliability and the kinks and the tires and the paint jobs and the engines upkeeps.

But at the end of his first day in free agency, Hickey will just smile and begin to work on the draft.

After all, it ain't his money!

Good luck Dennis Hickey and don't forget to get them blessed.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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I'm pretty sure it's been reported many times that he is signed for more than 2 years...


Nope 2 years is all.


you get byrd to play center,then coyle can let jones freelance it would be if your not spending 20 mil on starks and solia then you draft a dt with 1st pick and get best guard prospect in 2nd and bpa there on out.


Yes Glenn, I think we can get Nix at 19th pick. If we get another Middle Linebacker we could move to a 3-4 again which would free Jordan off the edge.
Lots of possibilities with minimal moves. Let Patterson go and save $5 million there which can turn those monies towards an ILB.


I feel like today was a SPLASH!