Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

To borrow a quote from President Ford in his inaugural address after taking office following the resignation of Richard Nixon, our own national nightmare is finally being put to rest.

Jonathan "Please stop touching me!" Martin has been traded to the 49ers for a 2015 conditional draft pick.

"El Sensidiva" goes from "Bullygate" to the Golden Gate in his home state to play back up to LT Joe Staley if he doesn't first run to his ex college coach Jim Harbaugh to complain that he got wedgied by a stewardess on his flight to San Fransisco.

We are left eating close to a million bucks of dead money against the salary cap this year but that is a mere pittance in expense compared to a slugfest of a embarrassing law suit we would surely have had to defend.

So at least we can now put this episode behind us and speaking of behinds:

Jonathan Martin....Don't let the door hit yours!

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Carl Leone
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From starter to backup! Baaaaaa ha ha ha ha! Hey! I hear Mr. Harbaugh can be an intense guy so I wonder if Jonathan will consider him a bully if he is constantly yelling and making the work environment to hostile?!? Or maybe when kaepernick mocks cam newton by doing the superman after a TD maybe he will call Colin a bully and cry harassment! Things could get mighty hairy in the bay...


Well Lawrence, I am sure they are accustomed to Drama Queens in San Fransisco.


Memory Lane.. Two seasons ago, Jake Long is hurt so Miami switches J Martin to left tackle against San Francisco. His job is to block Aldon Smith. Yeah that did not turn out to well. So he now gets to block him everyday in practice. I would have given the 49ners a pick to take Martin off our hands. Now the 49ners locker has to be on high alert with Martin in there.


No more towel snaps!