Thursday, March 06, 2014

NFL pays Goodell $44.2 million a year? We call "Flag on the Play!"

Dave posted a link to a petition about the NFL.  I signed, and I recently got this update, so I wanted to share!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Congratulations Change Makers!

We have over 358,000 signatures on our petition requesting Congress revoke the tax-exempt status of the NFL, making the most signed sports petition in history! Because the tax giveaways for the most profitable sports league in the world have been so under the radar that only 13% of Americans are aware of them, we need to keep this going viral.

Perhaps nothing so illuminated the absurdity of the NFL's tax-exempt status as the recent announcement that Commissioner Roger Goodell made $44.2 million in 2012. That's twice as much as the highest paid player in the sport and puts Goodell as likely the highest-paid leader of a nonprofit organization in the country. An enterprise so profitable that it can pay its head that kind of money does not need hard-working Americans picking up their tax bills.


-> In November, Sports Fans Coalition started lobbying Congress for our cause. At that time, Senator Tom Coburn, author of the PRO Sports Act, which would bar sports leagues making over $10 million from claiming nonprofit status, was our lone champion. We can now announce that Senator Angus King has signed on as cosponsor of Coburn's bill, and Congressman Jason Chaffetz has agreed to present the companion bill in the House.

--> You were first to know about the launch of via our last petition update. On the eve of the Superbowl we were joined on a press call by Senator Tom Coburn, King of Sports Author Gregg Easterbrook, and Andrew Delaney of the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society. Their backing provided us ample gravitas as we presented the media with hard data and anecdotal evidence proving it is time for Congress to end tax-payer subsidization of the NFL.

---> Only days ago, Congressman Dave Camp, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, proposed a new tax reform plan that incorporates language from the bipartisan PRO Sports Act that would strip the NFL of it's nonprofit status. The fact that the #1 tax writer in the House has endorsed our issue makes clear that our elected officials are hearing us and we have an opportunity to effect change!


1) Keep sharing the petition. The more signatures it gets, the more weight it carries.

2) Join the Social Media Campaign.



3) Publicly thank the Champions of Our Cause. Feel free to use the sample tweets provided, or write your own!

Dave Camp:
Thank you for including a provision to #SackNFLTaxBreaks in your Ways & Means Tax Reform Package, @RepDaveCamp. #PROSportsAct

Tom Coburn:
Thank you for working to #SackNFLTaxBreaks by authoring the #PROSportsAct, @TomCoburn.

Angus King:
Thank you for signing on as cosponsor of the #PROSportsAct to #SackNFLTaxBreaks, @SenAngusKing.

Jason Chaffetz:
Thank you for working to #SackNFLTaxBreaks by sponsoring the House version of the #PROSportsAct, @jasoninthehouse.

Thanks again to YOU for signing the petition. I hope you will stay involved and help us bring home the WIN!


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I am sorry but when I see this all i see is 10s of 1000s more people to lose their job and to put the cherry on top, higher sunday tickt prices, higher jersey prices higher ticket prices. NFL tax exempt or not wil make the same or more this year, and the next and the next... Only the working man pays the price. So in reality this is a campaign to screw the working guy


Trickle down economics prevails again!

You are so right, Ken.


Ill do you one better, They throw Roger Goodell's salary in there and what they FAIL to tell you is that Roger Goodell is NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN and NEVER WILL BE tax exempt. Neither is the owners nor the players. Tax more, spend more, spend even more, find new sources of tax, spend even more-repeat-cry if the american people want to slow the deficit and IGNORE the fact our unfunded liability is over 175 TRILLION dollars.

Guess what...There is not 175 trillion dollars on the entire planet. Na, nothing bad can come out of that right?