Saturday, March 08, 2014

Consider this (stadium edition)

David Beckham's proposed MLS team is looking for investors because they want to privately fund the stadium.

But the potential investors want to have some assurances that the stadium will be occupied as many days as possible.

So, the consortium has turned to the University of Miami.  Their aim?  To get UM to agree to play their football home dates at this new venue.  UM is reportedly listening and might be interested because the stadium could very well be closer to campus and the lease deal may turn out to be better.  Plus, because the stadium will be somewhere in the 25k - 40k range, it would be easier to fill.

My question, then, is what does this mean for the Dolphins and their stadium organization? Other than the Dolphins and Hurricanes, there aren't many other events at the stadium as it is.
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In a few years, we may be rooting for the LA Dolphins.


Yeah, let's reduce the Hurricanes to FAU south.

Ft. Lauderdale Strikers!!!

Prime location.

Brazilian contingent would be a better Western hemisphere fan base, when considering passion and socio-economics.

No one from Broward and Palm Beach goes down to south or southwestern Miami for ball games.

It's clear that Beckham and company have no idea what they are doing.


That must be some lease deal lol. I want to know who the investors are that will invest multimillions into a stadium that could only seat 25-40K. Stadiums cost massive amounts of money to build from scratch. I would throw out a Billion even for a smaller one. Unless you are making a junk one in which case the Hurricanes would be nuts to use. If Beckham's camp had any common sense they would work out a deal with Ross to use the Dolphins stadium and use money to offer low cost tickets to get a strong following. A new stadium from scratch sounds like a great way for a bankruptcy.