Monday, March 03, 2014

Brent Grimes signes a 4 year deal to remain a Dolphin

One of the top priorities this off season was to resign Brent Grimes, the Pro Bowl corner who was arguably the the best offseason move last season. In addition to the four year deal it also allows the Dolphins to use the franchise tag on a player if they choose too now that Grimes has been signed. It is good to see the new GM start off on a good note, and I am excited to see what other moves will be made next.
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Hickey will do a good job.

Not sure how the 32 million is structured over 4 years. Waiting to see how it effects the salary cap and how much is guaranteed. The average top 5 salaries for the Tag would have cost 11.5 million so 8 million is a steal. I thought we might get him for 7 million but I will pay the 8.
Grimes had to be signed and early so mission accomplished!


Carl I am happy that the dolphins appear to be making the right decisions. In the past the dolphins would let a high quality player walk rather than paying to keep him. This caused the organization to take one step forward than two steps back for years. Thus, the team was never able to eclipse mediocrecy. Now what Hickey needs to do is sign two free agents. Both of them use to be miami dolphin players in the past. They are Ted Ginn and Vontae Davis. These two signing will make the new dolphin team much more solid on both sides of the ball. Just imagine Wallace and Ginn lined up on on side of the line and Hartline on the other. It just would not be fair!


David, I doubt very much Vonte Davis will be returning if Philbin had any say in his getting traded to Indy. If Ireland was the sole instigator then maybe he has a chance but we still have two draftees waiting in the wings for an opportunity to star.

I have also heard quite a bit of chatter about drafting a WR or signing a FA. Don't forget about Brandon Gibson. He was coming on strong prior to blowing out his knee. With the depth we currently have at that position, I don't anticipate any additions to the WR corps.

I do believe we will be drafting or signing a punishing RB. We have to straighten out our short yardage deficiency and also be able to run out the clock if we expect to get to the next level and beyond. Expect some activity there.


Agree 100% Carl. I don't think we will acquire a WR at all assuming Gibson is on schedule to return. Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Binns, Mathews would be hard to upgrade without a high draft pick or large chunk of cap space. Huge on getting Grimes back!