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"Being Dennis Hickey"....Not The Movie But Your Own Mock Draft

For the past 10 days, I have been playing around on the website and I must forewarn you that it is very addictive. It takes a good hour or so to get through a 7 round draft. A little longer at first as you will spend more time learning about the players who are available.

How it works: You sign up on their free site.
Click on the purple PLAY NFL DRAFT GAME 2014
Then chose NEW DRAFT
Next you pick a team so hit the scroll down arrow next to Arizona and select Miami Dolphins THEN click on SELECT TEAM
You will now be thrust into your own little War Room for the draft

Moving Through the draft:
You can chose to move one pick at a time by clicking on Continue, or the next five picks or the ever present why screw around all day and go directly to your next pick
When you finish your last pick THEN click on Finish Draft otherwise you won't get a score for Draft Ability, Player Value and Future Draft Picks

The Screen will highlight 3 positions of need and BEST AVAILABLE VALUE so you can click on a position, highlighted or not, to see available players at that position and what DAY in the draft this website predicts them to go in. If you click on a players name you will be directed either to a Pre-Combine review of the player or a google page with other choices.
Keep in mind that this site's player rankings differ from Mayock's or Davis' or Kiper's rankings and predictions of where they should be picked so the grade you get here is based on this website's values for players. Some players are viewed here to be picked a lot earlier or later than the talking head NFL draft gurus. Also, I am not sure when they updated our needs since we signed Knowshon Moreno and RB gets highlighted fairly early in the draft. So decide if you want to draft based on their score or your own.

Trading Picks:
UP: You can trade up by clicking on Propose Trade. When you offer a trade keep in mind that there is no negotiating and you have no idea if another team is offering a trade as well. You can chose what picks that you have including 1st Rounders for 2015 and 2016 as bait and click the Propose Trade

DOWN: Each time your pick comes up you should see some trade offers listed from other teams until you get into the later rounds. They are listed by best value from top to bottom but not all trades are alike. Some are only moving back a couple spots while others into another round. You cannot propose your own trade downs to other teams, either accept one of theirs or make your pick. I trade down quite a bit.

As you play the game a few times and begin to understand the players, you will see what rounds these guys should go in and when they will or should be available. You can snoop around before having to pick a player or accept a trade offer as there is no CLOCK ticking for your picks.

In the upper right hand corner they list the last five picks so you can see who you just missed out on.

After each of your picks you will get a Grade for that pick which is based on a combination of THEIR Players Value and THEIR suggestion for your needs. So if you Draft according to THEIR PLAYER VALUES and THEIR HIGHLIGHTED POSITIONS you can grade higher. I think you will wind up like me and not give a rat's ass what they think and just try to get what you believe we need and see how it goes.

Now you may not be destined for a front office job but you will be destined for your favorite guy going right before your pick so get ready for it. 

When you finish, you can see your Grades and how you ranked as a Dolphins GM and how you graded out against the other NFL teams in the draft you just completed. You are drafting against a computer so the picks can go fast if you want them to.

Below is my best draft according to their grades when I earned a 4544 prior to us signing Knowshon Moreno. The highest score listed for a Dolphins GM was from last week and "brandies" scored a 6407 so he probably has a better shot at working for Dennis Hickey than I do. Hell, for all we know, that could have been Hickey.

For now, fantasy will just have to suffice!

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Round One Pick 19: Notre Dame OT Zack Martin  Grade A (in this draft he was remarkably still available but in 90% of them he is gone leaving us with choices of ILB Mosley, TE Ebron, FS Pryor, CB Fuller depending on how that draft is going)

I was offered 3 different trade options but if Martin is there at 19, we absolutely have to grab him to play right tackle

Round Two Pick 18: There are plenty of value picks here but none directly connected to our immediate needs so I traded our Pick to Houston for their 3rd Round Picks #1 and #12 and 4th Round #1. I then traded a few more times with these picks. Usually down one or two picks to pick up one other pick later when two or three guys were sitting there that I may have liked so I figured I would at least get one of them plus a later pick.

Round Three Pick 1: Tennessee OT Antonio Richardson with the plan to move him to play guard instead. Grade A-

Round Three Pick 12: Washington SS Deone Bucannon   Grade A

Round Three Pick 17: Penn State DT DaQuan Jones  Grade A

Round Four Pick 3: West Virginia RB Charles Sims  Grade A

Round Four Pick 11: Southern Cal FS Dion Bailey  Grade B+

Round Four Pick 16: LSU RB Jeremy Hill  Grade A

Round 5 Pick 18: Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman  Grade A

Round 5 Pick 25: Wisconsin OG Ryan Groy  Grade D-

Round 6 Pick 32: Oklahoma CB Aaron Colvin  Grade C

Round 7 Pick 19: Fresno State TE Marcel Jensen  Grade B-
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Hi Carl.....What makes this fun is that nobody knows and it would be fun to get a few right!! some thoughts...not in order...

A....Miami may bring in a later round QB that has a chance to pressure for the #2 spot. Next year this would be a nice find if Moore leaves after this year.

B....Miami needs a KR/PR that puts fear into the other team and takes over the #3 spot in the WR Rotation.

C....I would be surprised if Miami puts 2 rookie OL on the same side. I expect them to draft high to fill either G or RT and then use late round/FA to bring competition and depth. Dallas Thomas is athletic and fits what this offense wants, is he an answer along with a Rookie?

D....A late/mid round TE that has above average Blocking ability and could play FB on some plays.

E....a trend seems to be to double down on Positions of need, Miami seems to have 2, ILB and with that being said they do NOT have enough draft picks to upgrade depth with so many needs. I would not be surprised if Miami traded out of the 1st round to try and gain as many picks as possible in the 1st 4 rounds. ....So maybe you are not to far off. It will be fun to see it unfold!!


Hi Gasnotoil...On most of my drafts, I have traded down a few picks in the first round and picked up their 2 and 3...we would still get a very good player or trade down again....after the top tackles go the others last until the 3rd round then they start coming off...the guards last longer after the top 3 go in the 2nd or 3rd rounds...we could trade down and get a good guard and sign a free agent tackle after the first round then get a tackle later to develop....this draft has lots of depth in the mid rounds so having two 2s, 3s and 4s would be great...if Martin is gone I would look to trade down twice in 1st round to 22-23 and then to 27-29 if one of two guys are falling in a position we dont need we could have some trade partners...I thought we might sign Hester to do returns and if he is still out there we may later on...we could wind up trading Moore during the draft.
You have an intelligent opinion.
Enjoy this draft game!


I have the Phins trading to 1st Round Picks and Tannehill to move up to the first over all pick to draft Johnny Manziel. After that move Steve Ross promptly fired me so I did not get to make any more picks. Offseason Comedy. Thanks for the info Carl looks very addictive!


Lol gofin4sb!!!
First GM fired during draft.
Check it out. You will learn a lot about these prospects and it makes you appreciate all the effort that goes into player evaluation. Hickey and staff have to watch so much film on these guys. 32 teams and 7 rounds so who knows who will be there when you pick.


getting ready to play my first "game".....Do you know what Ireland calls himself on there so I can compare my score? lol


Same name we all call him...Idiot
Have fun