Thursday, February 27, 2014

We still care...

The team is in a bit of turmoil, but a lot of us (the real fans) are still here.  Its entirely possible that the team will have a rough season and come up short again.  But we'll still be out there on Sundays rooting for our team.

Because, well, we care

The Wells report stung.  No doubt about it.  Does it fairly or unfairly paint the picture?  Who can say?  We're not in the locker room.  Perhaps this kind of thing does happen in every locker room, as John Denny said.  But you have to take anything he says with a grain of salt - he's s special teamer and those guys are crazy....


(Oh, sorry)

Where was I?  Oh yeah, maybe the NFL wants to bring change to locker rooms and the playing field and that's fine.  As long as it's applied even-handedly to all teams. And they can continue to privately do what they want in the locker room.

Mark Schlerth called Joe Philbin an "imbecile" and I only know the guy from what I see in media sessions and hear about from the media reports.  He might be.  Two mediocre seasons make me wonder about his coaching ability, and the fact that he "didn't know" bothers me a bit.  But maybe he can overcome it, if he lives up to his pledge to change.

But can you fairly judge him after next season when he's working with a slew of new players?  I don't know.  I guess we'll see.  We'll be pulling for a quick turnaround and bringing the winning tradition back to Miami in either case.

Right now, we have as much chance to win the SuperBowl as anyone.  And the draft looks promising.  And maybe we can hang on to a few key free agents.

Yeah, things are in turmoil. But we still's to being an optimist.

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I'd like to see Philbin go. The problem is that if Lazor does a good job with the offense (meaning that they can actually score TDs and not have to rely on the defense to win games), Philbin will probably get a lot of the credit and stay.


Head Coaches aren't in the locker room all that much and when they are in there its like when your Dad came into your bedroom, you were on your best behavior until he left. So unless someone tells him what is happening in there, they probably have no clue. i am willing to give Philbin a pass on that issue.

As far as coaching, he may have worked miracles with the O Linemen he had to work with. So I am willing to give him a pass on that issue, especially since it occurred midseason.

Finally, he has improved in his post game speeches. No more note cards. But I want to see more fire out of him. Obviously, he is very low key so he will struggle with this until he just lets loose.