Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Incognito and Martin texts revealed

After all this time the texts between Incognito and Martin have been revealed. I read most of the text messages but couldn't read all, and the impression I got from it all was the Martin and Incognito were really good friends and for some reason Martin blew it all out of proportions. Through out the texts they were cursing at each other and threatening each other but from what I saw it was all playful fun between two guys. It seemed mutual from what I could see. The link is down bellow and please let me know what you guys think because I see nothing wrong with Richie. Barring they talk about drugs, prostitution and drinking so there is that. Also be careful because there is some bad language, so this is not suitable for work.


Also on a somewhat related note Jake Long apperently took a lesser Rams deal because Ireland didn't make him feel welcomed, so that adds to the Ireland hate as well. 
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I have also read the texts sent between Incognito & Martin & I think that Martin is a big baby. I think there is a 99% chance that Incognito does to get signed by anyone, his career is pretty much over mostly due to his age. As for Martin, his character is in serious question here. Will he get signed by anyone else? I for one hope not and that would be fantastic considering Martin is young and has a lot of playing years ahead of him. So who is the real winner here Mr. Martin? You might have been driving the bus that ran over Richie and even pushed him under it and most certainly ended his playing career but it was coming to an end anyways, he is no spring chicken anymore but in this whole process you damaged your career heavily and I for one can only hope your career is over also for all the negative publicity you have brought to the Dolphins organization over nothing at all other than the fact that you performed poorly and they moved you to a different position. Accountability is obviously not one of Martin's qualities in life...


Sorry, forgot to put this in my last comment. What is up with Tony Dungy saying "Martin can play in the NFL in a different locker room situation other than the one in Miami."? Last time I checked, he has not coached in years, sits next to Rodney Harrison on an NBC stage and draws pictures on a flat screen TV and explains the obvious. Did he meet with Richie and get his side? Did he hear from more that just Martin that our locker room was full of harrassment? Has he even been in the Dolphins locker room since he was a "coach"? Or did he make an ASSumption based on when he heard soley from Martin?! What a joke. I hope Mr. Ross relieves him from this "Council" that he has put together. Tony Dungy is as easily influenced as my 4 year old...


Yes Richard, just a couple guys busting balls.

Talking about drug use is not the same as testing positive.

I believe both Martin's parents are attornies and I believe his mother specializes in labor.
If Martin started reading the hand writing on the wall about possibly losing his starting job, he could have been coached by his mother on how to create this situation.