Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Miami Dolphins 4 Thoughts

The offseason has arrived.  It almost feels merciful for the Miami Dolphins. 2013 was the most difficult season I can recall in my many years of watching the team.  Thankfully, in a few months I think things will be back to just football and the soap opera will finally be left behind.  Before the focus of my thoughts turn to free agency and the draft, I thought I would comment on four bits of news that have circulated around in the last few weeks.
 1.) Mr. Ross careful who you trust -  Case in point we all got to see that Tony Dungy is not an honorable man.  Anyone that loves the NFL knows it is sacred.  Hundreds of players, coaches and managers put in long hours all with the one common goal.. To WIN the super bowl.  30 teams are disappointed when it comes to super bowl week and two teams and all their fans get to spend a week loaded with excitement. It is the biggest sporting event of the year… a sacred tradition.  The week belonged to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks and all the teams that were remembered being in that game in the past.  Of course there are always those that are selfish. Is anyone surprised that J Martin decided to use that time to focus on himself and go on TV. I am not surprised; he left the Dolphins and threw all of us. (Players, Fans, Coaches) under the bus.  Common words that come from J Martin “I” and “Me”.  “I had to remove myself, “it was what was best for me”. “I am ready to play again”.  Did he do that to honor the tradition of super bowl week? Of course not he was taking advantage of the timing to benefit himself.  Again, I am not surprised, Martin already showed what kind of character he has. I was however, surprised that Tony Dungy also choose to spit on the tradition of the super bowl.  Why would someone with a good name. A NFL Hall of Fame name... go on national TV and insert himself in the Martin/Incognito mess?  The answer is quite simple. MONEY. Does anyone think that the Tony Dungy did not get paid? I am sure the network paid him and paid him well to do it. I would not be surprised if the Martin camp paid him as well. They had him only read specific questions designed to try and portray Martin as a helpless victim.  Why did they have Tony Dungy do it? Well the goal was to attach Martin to Dungy’s reputation of being a good guy.  I hope the money was worth it Tony. I also hope after reading what Martin was texting you feel good that you let him use your reputation like he use the Dolphins.  Whatever the wells reports says and whatever happened does not matter.  Tony Dungy still did that on super bowl week and  showed no honor to the game that gave him what he has.
2.)  Toxic Jeff -The more I read the more I think Jeff Ireland was a toxic personality.  I think he did a good job with the cap and also has a good eye for talent. However, nobody seems to like him.  He was costing us recruiting and retention with his personality( not to mention costing Ross fans).  When I saw Jake Long left because Ireland did not make him feel welcome that told me for sure getting him out was the right call.  Granted Jake Long is now a dead money drain for the Rams. However, I think we make the playoffs in 2013 with Jake Long on the team. In short Jeff Ireland’s personality issue was effecting out ability to get talent and retain talent. Not to mention caused major rifts internal

3.) We have a ways to go- Are we close to the playoffs? Yes I think we are very close to being the 6th best team in the AFC. Are we close to being a Super Bowl contender?  From what I saw not really.  I think you could have played that game over 10 times and the Bronco’s still would have no chance. Could you imagine what the Seahawks defense would have done to our Oline? The Dolphins still have a little ways to go to surpass the Patriots and Broncos.  However, they have a long ways to go to surpass teams like the Seahawks and 49ners. Scary to think how young the Seahawks are and the cap advantage they have with Wilson being in a rookie deal for a few years yet.  I have a feeling they will be back in the super bowl sooner rather than later.

4.) Bryant McKinnie – Made it clear he wants to be back.  Even if we get two solid tackles we still have no depth at the position.  I personally, would give him a 2-3 million dollar deal for 1 year (no signing bonus or guarantee).  If he is serious and can get into a bit better shape he gives you a little time get a rookie ready or gives you a capable backup if we get an injury.  I know he is not the answer, however, I see some real value on keeping him on the team. Worst case he shows up way out of shape and you just cut him. 
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Good points and all


Ireland must have treated people pretty cold and too businesslike. As GM you have to be very congenial. Tough at


Tough at times but congenial none the less.

Jake Long would have helped but he wasn't gonna sign a one year deal and I am glad he is off our roster now.