Tuesday, January 14, 2014

wow that will keep the average fan away

I saw something earlier today that the average ticket for this year's superbowl is around $2,500.  That's not for a family of 4, and doesn't include a hot dog.  That's one seat.

And so it goes - in spite of the fact that there is a quasi prediction for snow, and ticket sales are lagging, the price has shot up to a point where an average fan simply can't afford a ticket.

And why would they want to, really?  The big game is best experienced with friends at a party and watched on an HD screen.

But that leads back to the bigger problem: that individual regular season games are unaffordable.  Miami's ticket price is in the lower 3rd in the league, but still is around $160 per game (now to be fair, there are tickets available in the $40 range, but that's the average). 

So, for a guy making minimum wage, that's more than half of one week's salary for a single ticket.  Wow, it prices it out of the market...
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The NFL wants fans to pack the stadiums during the regular and post-season games, but doesn't want them in the stadium at the Super Bowl.


That's on the secondary market. Actual prices are from $750 up.
There is a fan here in Jersey that just filed a suit against the NFL because the secondary market prices are above the legal limit in Jersey.