Thursday, January 02, 2014

What manner of nonsense is this?

The report says that Mr. Ross is considering keeping coach Phibin, but firing Jeff Ireland and OC Mike Sherman. And I have to wonder WTF?

I think the fact that he is considering firing Ireland is positive.  But keeping Philbin and firing assistants is problematic for five reasons:

1.  Philbin has a contract that gives him authority to hire and fire coaches as he sees fit.  Is the owner going to put pressure on coach to fire assistants, or will he do it himself?  Mr. Ross firing them violates Philbins contract and could lead somewhere bad. Philbin already stated he had no plans to change and Sherman is his friend - and make no mistake in coaching friendships trump team loyalty.

2. Hiring a new gm from outside will be nearly impossible because that person has to work with the coach. Promoting from within means you still have the same inherent issues with the team, and you're putting trust in someone who hasn't done the job before. And as we saw some years ago (was it Saban and Mueller?) having strained relationships between gm and coach can't lead anywhere good. They have to work together, and forcing one on he other is a tricky dynamic,

3. We still don't know anyone's role in bully gate.  Is this still going to blow up in Mr. Ross face?

4. Philbin has proven himself thus far to be a mediocre coach.  His game plan, coaching decisions, and adjustments haven't worked. Under 20 points per game? And he's really not motivating the team in the right ways. Case in point, week 17, he's in great shape and a playoff berth is on the line.  Ryan might get fired in NY. Ryan outcoached him and gets retained.  And Philbin might get retained. Maybe. But more by default.

5. This will mean that Ryan Tannehill will be the returning starter.  I like the kid, but he's a good QB and not a great one.  A middle of the pack guy who won't win you championships. He's the modern day Jay Fiedler.  Someone needs to have the courage to replace him, or at least try and do seems unlikely that they would do that with Philbin remaining as coach,

So, Mr.  Ross, please consider a different path.  Talk with Nat Moore, Marino, Shula, Tony Dungy, and whoever else you trust. Yes, going this route may seem like it provides the most continuity, so you're not rebuilding this year. But what if next year, you're still looking at 8 or 9 wins. Is that success?

So many times in the past, like the Saban deal, like with Sporano when Mr. Ross went out coach hunting, like keeping Wannsetdt after a sub-par season (and he quit during the following year), the season gets wasted by a single decision that seems to be right to the owner - but the media and fans see it differently.

For the love of Pete, don't waste another season.   I'd rather rebuild than be sitting here in January of 2015 debating whether the move to keep the coach and fire the gm and assistants was the reason the team was mediocre yet again.
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I would fire everyone and get it over with.


If in fact Ross is talking to Shula, Marino, Dungy, and company I pray he listens to what they advise and stop with hurting anyone's feelings. What about the fans??


Agreed. My gosh this team can't even fire people professionally. I don't get it. and I agree totally with this article. How can you keep Philbin ?? Just how ? look how the team played for him the final 2 weeks. Not even to mention his inability to address the sherman issues. If Ross keeps Philbin and goes for another GM, it will blow up in his face mark my words. Laughable this franchise is. This will be a 7 win season next year if Philbin stays. Please please clean slate or you may lose some die hard fans who want to win. Philbin isn't the man.


Agreed also with the Tannehill comments. Not a great one, he can't make the big throws and that's not something you learn thats somoething that is. 2 seasons and he can't throw the deep ball, leaving 10 plus TD's on the table. Time to move on and your right phiblin won't do it. If you watch Tannehill's college games he never made the big time throws, listen to Skip Bayless's assesment of him. He's spot on about Tannehill. Panic when we picked him, id be much happier with Moore who came in not taking one snap all year and floats a ball perfectly into Hartline's arms. INT's ya but the guy can throw and complete passes, he's accurate !!


So your able to tell that Tannahill is not a great qb, after just 2 years behind one of the wrist offensive lines in football? Based on that reasoning, both Manning brothers, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and other great qb's would have been replaced as well!


I agree with RW13, I think although Tannehill looks confident he's scared shitless after 58 god dam sacks. I do not agree with Mike about the deep ball. That can be learned. It's timing that's off a fraction of a second. RT and his receivers, especially MW need to be married to each othet in the off season. If RT can throw that deep ball, we would have had at least 10-15 TD's more. Throw in a real OL and a RB corp with coached that can get EVERY PLAYER to buy in, we're a serious team, but Ross has to screw his emotions and listen to Marino, Shula, Dungy, etc He must realize that this is NOT real estate, it's football.


Yea Moore through a couple of interceptions...but they were at the point where things had to be tried because Tannehenne wasn't doing the job and we were down to the final minutes...give me Moore any day...


I don't think RT is the issue, he will be if they don't get him a NFL caliber QB coach and an NFL caliber OC. Sherman s play calling wouldn't work in Division III. Don't let the DC off the hook ether, they gave up some big chunks of yards to some poor teams. Need a whole new coaching staff, again. Don't want to go through it again but this staff will not do much better then .500 no matter who is playing for them. As for a new GM, whats out there that would be an improvement. If the Fins fire Ireland and replace him with Dawn Aponti or Tanumbaum I will just jump ship.


Wow lets hold on a minute about Tannehill. You are already about to pull the plug on him after only 2 seasons, even though he has made great improvements from his 1st season? Hell we gave Chad Henne 4 years and he never made any type of progress at all. Plus Tannehill has hit Hartline in stride plenty of times he just seems to be struggling with Wallace for some reason.

If we improve the OLine and running game and Tannehill doesn't improve or regresses then it might be a good time to pull the plug on him.