Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Well that was unexpected

The announcement yesterday was terse, and odd, and brought to mind still more questions.  Think about this: have you ever broken up with someone and it was "mutual" and there were no hard feelings?  Ever known anyone who has?

Yeah, it doesn't pass the sniff test.

The story I was told yesterday was enlightening.  Throughout the year, Ross and Ireland had been having 'discussions' about some things.  Nothing major, I'm told, until the bullygate, which happened under Ireland's watch, and which was kind of the last straw....Ireland was instructed to do the minimum to keep the team running. 

Part of this stemmed from the fact that Ross let Ireland spend money this year.  Remember during the early part of the season, I explained that Ross agreed to spend in order to get a sympathetic feeling for stadium money AND to put fans in seats. Mike Dee was unable to pull off the stadium improvements, and he "left to pursue other opportunities" and this follows along.  You spend a lot, you better get results - at least in terms of fans filling the stadium.

And then there was an additional little piece about how the "capologist," one Dawn Aponte, has been a player in all of this.  Dawn has been with the Fins for a few years, but has been in the NFL for a while (you can read more about Dawn here: she is a current NFL "darling" with the potential to climb into a bigger role there.  Or perhaps she on a path to become the first female GM, possibly even in Miami...

So, my source tells me that she and Philbin bonded throughout his time here, and she had some say in how well Ireland performed his duties, and that was considered in the decision to essentially demote Ireland.

Yes demote.  Ross apparently had some discussion with Ireland himself - if he were to stay, it would be in a personnel role and not as GM.  He didn't like that idea, and wanted out.

To soothe and hard feelings, Ireland will get paid for any time he has remaining on his contract - including the extension he signed this past off-season.

So now Steve Ross has some work to do.  He has to hire (or promote) a GM.  Don't be surprised if Aponte is promoted, or if someone with ties to the Jets gets the job (or perhaps a football operations VP role).  Tannenbaum, Mangini, and others are close to Ross and he could take one of them.

And another dark horse in all of this is Dan Marino, who now has an interest in a leadership role, after seeing the success of Elway in Denver - his would be a VP type role (like he had for 21 days some years ago), rather than GM.

The only "problem" here is that you have a situation where the coach is still in place, and unless its someone like Aponte (who already has a relationship with Philbin), you could still have a mess on your hands.

So Ross has some work to do, and it will take time away from his business.  Don't be surprised if you never hear about anyone who interviews, if it takes a while, and then there's a terse statement about a hiring or promotion.  He'll do this on his schedule, and with as little fanfare as he can.

Though of course, the bloggers and the media will stay on top of it, and any missteps will be reported. 
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I could see them making Aponte the GM. I think Ross would be the person to do this for promotion, interviews,and change the perception of the Dolphins into a positive. I am not for this move, because she is very greedy with money. She reminds me of Scrooge McDuck or Mr. Krabs, and I think she is the main reason we don't have players signed and leaving on free agency.

Marino has praised Aponte and Philbin, so I actually could see this move working.


I could almost see it happening - "look its the first female GM!" and then hiring Marino in some capacity to show "hey, look at what I'm doing with my team!" in an effort to rebuild some trust on the field....


Mr Ross is asking for more headache. He should have cleaned house. I wish he had kept Jeff Ireland and got rid of all of the coaches because they all folded in the Bills and Jets game. Ireland gave them the players to get it done. So, as it stands, we have at least one more season of this Philbin and Tannehill debacle to endure; more the under throws to Mike Wallace. We lost 20 touchdowns last season. Maybe we will loose 30 this season; woo hoo!


from what i know dawn has about as much experience in drafting players as you or I


we have hired marino in the front office before and it failed miserably.Are you folkds real dolphin fans?


You're right, Aponte has little experience with the 'actual' job, so it scares me. But Ross (as I've noted before) doesn't care what *we* think, only that he makes money. And if a Marino hire, though trivial, comes to pass, then he can play it off as he cares. And sell more tickets. I don't like it any more than you do, but its not up to me...


but why did it fail? IMO he just wasn't ready. Couldn't be involved in Football yet. His day will come.


as the plot thickens........ All I can say that if Miami Front Office does get it's act together there will be a lot of wanna be journalists and analysts out of a P/T job. Ross just doesn't understand the business of football. He's smart but not in this arena. Ever meet a dumb billionaire? My vote is to get a petition started to get a true football but to oversee things, even Bill Polian @ 71 yrs would be a good interim step to get all management on the same page for ONCE!!!!! I'm not sure on Philbin but I think he can make it with the right OC and an aggressive GM with balls and ability to find talent in strange places ala Belichick.


If Marino is committed to the task then I amsure he will make a good VP of Football Operations, but he has to be committed to the mundane tasks required by the position.
Aponte can get a lot of help from scouting department and Philbin or any HC should have final say on the players coming and going.
Ross may have decided to fill the GM slot with someone who will actually have to work directly with the HC and not have authority over the HC, which is how I would like to see the organization be structured.


Ireland DID NOT get what we so badly needed, an OT to shore up that porous O-line. He spent money ”upgrading” our linebacking corps, which in my opinion was plenty good already. I do agree with you referring to Tannehill, he IS NOT the answer at QB...