Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two #1 Seeds Coming To Jersey

Are we excited here in Jersey?

Well, we got Bridgegate going on. So despite forecasts for highs of 20° this week, our beleaguered Governor is on the hot seat.

No worries.

We're Jersey strong or Jersey ambivalent.

Some things we just don't worry about until it becomes time to worry about it.

Sometimes we just couldn't care less.

Hard to believe 4 years of planning for the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium is actually gonna happen in 2 weeks.

Boy time flys.

The momentum for this event is really gonna build up now.

Our possible Tundra Bowl will at least feature the top 2 seeds in this year's playoffs.

Hasn't happened in quite a while, so that's kinda neat.

Peyton Manning vs the Seattle defense.

That will be the featured matchup.

Not too shabby.

Does Peyton Manning need to win this Lombardi Trophy to validate his legacy?

That will be the featured question.

Papa John's and Peyton Manning will be playing on a TV near you on a continuos loop throughout February 2nd.

And if Denver wins, the loop will continue till at least the Final Four if not the Masters or until our sports fueled idol worshiping finds another champion to idolize.

Yep, we are entering the Peyton Manning Zone. There is no stop sign ahead.

Now how do you even attempt to get fired up for Seattle?

Cool unies those guys got.


Ain't gonna be that noisey in Joizey unless you count teeth clattering.

No 12th man.

Maybe a 12th degree. Maybe.

For the next few days the Jets fans will be hearing about how their old head coach has now gotten to the Super Bowl.

And without them.


Couldn't resist.

Yep, up here in Jersey it'll be about Peyton Manning and Pete Carroll.

 Not Seattle QB Woodrow Wilson.

See what I mean. Woodrow was President of Princeton before Governor of Jersey before President of US before QB in Seattle.

Ambivalence, New Jersey is our capital seat.

Or we just don't care who is QBing other than Peyton Manning.

Why, because for $5 dollars extra we can get a big ass chocolate chip cookie or XLVIII extra toppings.

You see, here in Jersey, there still has to be something in it for us.

Go Manning!

Go Carroll pissing off Jets fans!

Go Jersey!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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