Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The more I think about it, the more I think Ross should have cleaned house

Okay, it sounds like this is a hate on Philbin post, and its really not.  While I think some of the decisions he made were suspect, and I didn't like his overall style, this is not about that.

This is about the broader problem the Dolphins face: the simple fact that the coach wasn't too pleased with the talent Ireland was acquiring, and the fact that the Dolphins have SO MANY roster holes to fill. 

First to the talent. We have heard in the past week or so that they disagreed on many, many players.  Philbin wanted a offensive tackle with the first pick and did NOT want or need a linebacker, as there was some depth.  And Ireland traded up to get Jordan. Apparently that was a major issue.  And that could very well be (according to a few reporters) the reason he got so little playing time - he was simply trying to make the point that it was a wasted pick.

It goes from there.  Getting Wallace was the right position, but possibly the wrong player for the system.  And so forth.

Then, there are the roster holes.  If we look at the team's needs, there are plenty:
  • Special teams: okay there
  • O-Line: at least 3 positions need to be filled, and with Jerry being a FA its actually 4.
  • TE: need a starter
  • WR: still need maybe a 3rd option.  Though this is not the pressing need
  • QB: you know how I feel here, but Tannehill can do his okay job for another year due to the other needs (but please consider this a need, new GM)
  • RB: some depth would be good
  • DE: Starks and Soliai have their contracts up.  Starks won't be back.  Soliai will cost a lot of money, so who knows?  Position of depth doesn't look so deep anymore
  • LB: both of the guys Ireland signed last offseason turned out not to be so great, and could be replaced
  • DB: this was generally a deep position, except for injuries and Nolan Carroll (please! and he's a FA anyway). Clemons is a FA. Brent Grimes is a free agent after a year, and he will take big money as well.
So there's a lot of work to be done with the roster in that sense.

My point is simply that if you aren't sure if Philbin is the guy, or if maybe he had some involvement in bullygate, or really you just wanted to start fresh - THIS is the time to do it.  This team likely won't make a huge leap next year will all the upheaval.  So, adding a new coach wouldn't change much in the mix. 
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I agree on some of your points Dave and here is where I disagree:
Special teams needs new coach as they made way too many stupid mistakes throughout the season...illegal touches, botched FGs, missed tackles, no returns.
I would bring in coach from very good Special Teams at Northern Texas or Rutgers as these guys know how to dial up blocks.
TE: Clay needs to beef up in the weight room which would allow him yo block better.
WR: we get Gibson back and the assorted back ups will do playing behind Wallace and Hartline. Wallace was used well. He only lined up on right side. He could have been moved around to create some matchup issues and placed in motion in the slot.
Jordan: Opposing LTs had their way with him. Once they got their paws on him they controlled him. Like Clay, he needs to get into the weight room and beef up.
Starks and Soliai: For the life of me, I cannot believe those two guys just evaporated in contract years. I expected much better play out of both of them. Not sure if I even want them back.
Biggest issues not in any specific order:
1) Sign Grimes

2) Run defense: either new DTs or new scheme with LBs playing more downhill

3) O Line: This is exactly why Philbin needs to have complete control of roster. If he feels that any of these guys we gave can develop this off season then we may not need as many replacements. If we get Incognito back, that would help.

4) Full Back: none on the roster...HELLO

Philbin: I am willing to give him along with any other HC complete control of roster including draft picks, free agents, trades and cuts. He needs to be able to decide who he can develop and who he doesn't necessarily need. Who to draft and sign. Let the HC put his team together and then produce or get out. With a new OC, Philbin will be more involved in game plan like he was at GB. With Sherman gone now, I believe Philbin will step up the offense. You should be pleasantly surprised with both Philbin and the offense.


I miss spelt on Wallace: he WASN'T used well.


Oh I totally agree with you Dave, that's why im not really paying attention to signings and such. 2014 will be the same year why ? because the HC is still employed. The team plays like the head coach. Philbin didn't see the snap count GO GO crap ? he couldn't tell and didnt tell sherman to change it ! our own players said it was a problem and they still didn't change it. Philbin is a lame duck and the team plays like their coach, who has fire on this team ? nobody, one's who did philbin got rid of. Tannehill shows no emotion whatsoever, they walk around like theyre at a carnival. Tough to root for a team that plays like that. I have no faith that 2014 will be any different unless i'm proved wrong.