Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Bowl picks

Its the battle of the best offense against the best defense.  My "man crush" in Peyton Manning against the 12th man.

There are reasons to favor either team.  For the Broncos, other than Manning, I would like to see Wes Welker get a ring (he was part of several pats teams that fell short).  I still love the fact that he was pressed into service as a kicker here once.  To me, that is really something.

And there's a great story about him having a chat with a neighbor about the Dolphins one afternoon.  The neighbor said something about them not being very good and Welker explained he played for them; the neighbor looks at his stature and says "if everyone's your size, its no wonder they're so bad."

For the Seahawks, there's something about the way the team plays that's exciting.  I just like their enthusiasm - its kind of college like.  That's a reflection on their coach who treats them that way.  And say what you want about Pete Carroll - I know most dolphins fans hate him - I think he's great for the game.  The NFL needs some people like that in it.  And same goes for Richard Sherman - they can't all be the dolphins types of players who don't say or do anything.  I love that, and think its good for the sport.

So what do I think?  Under any "normal" circumstances, I would take the Broncos.  But with bad weather, I have my doubts about Peyton's efficiency. So, I'm going to say:
Seahawks 24
Broncos 20

Post your thoughts below.

And for the record, Seahawks DE Tony McDaniel was on the Dolphins a few seasons ago.  So either he or Welker will have one more superbowl ring than Dan Marino.  ooooohhhhhhh
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