Monday, January 06, 2014

Stay the course? Oh hell no!

This waiting game is stupid.

Jeff Ireland has no business being an NFL GM and should have been fired when Tony Sporano was. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, and can find all these diamonds in the rough. Drafting o-lineman early, and trading up to get a part time player. And in free agency, name me a true impact player!

And as for Philbin...he can't coach anyone up, doesn't seem like a leader, and simply because he's in charge and bully gate happened on his watch should be let go.

Mr. Ross is simply wasting precious time in looking for their replacements. This team is a joke, and it seems to me that Mr. Ross has no clue what he's doing - and that's why I suggested the petition. He should sell the team.

You're darned right I wanted them to lose!  It's the only way the owner would possibly even consider getting rid of these guys. Otherwise, we're stuck at 8-8 for the next 5 years!  Enough is enough already.

When are we gonna be contenders again?  Ain't gonna happen with these clowns.
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Your words simply show frustration which is understandable. We need to understand how it came to be that we started the season thinking we had a good offensive line. How it came to be we declined both long and albert for a left tackle and how we passed on an olinemen in the first round. All that points to Jeff Ireland. Sherman continually had bad play calling in critical situations. Bottom line. If we had a good oline, our defense would have been off the field more and more points would have been scored because we would have had a balanced offense. Those 2 gotta go.


I've been supportive of Ireland but he may be nothing more than an average scout. He does not seem capable of building relationships and his free agent signings have been average to poor. I would be good with a change. As for the coach - I could be convinced IF we were sure of an upgrade.

I've read some reports of hiring former Jets front office types from Coach to GM - mixed views on this also but at least we would have a cohesive group leading this thing forward - no cracks in the foundation which we have had for about a decade and which plays on Ross's weakness as an owner. He really should bring in a capable top football guy and leave it all to him - let him hire coach and GM. I really don't want another wasted year!

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I totally agree with you.. I wanted them to lose as well because it was only wau we would get rid of them !! and that hasnt even worked so as far as im concerned this team is a loss cause and the fact is and it is sad... there will most likely be no changes. The fact that Ross has waited so long and has not done nothing tells me he is staying the course. Why i have no idea and it's sad because your are DEAD ON- Philbin can't coach anyone up and it will be another wasted year in 14. I won't even pay attention to the team, it's to frustrating. Time to move on from a disapointing and rubbish of an organization. I can handle losing, rebuilding and I stuck with the team for 24 years but this is something enitrely different and embaarasing. I won't even pay attention to this team if they stay the course in 14. It's to damn !!!!!! frustrating and pains me to say this but.... good day Miami


thing is Philbin doesn't want change, or to change his staff.. and Ross seems like he's contempt to keep it that way, if Philbin stays everyone stays. Bottom line is your right sherman has to go and ireland but the other bottom line is Ross is a WIMP !! he needs to hire someone to handle the football side of things thats right below him, someone who knows what theyre doing.


The best and brightest people are employed and you would see our front office people employed very quickly if let go... and who mind you would you replace them with .. warm bodies to complain about next year . Yea frustrated ? Me too and Ive been by their side since 1968. Its rare that the best talent will come to a second tier organization which is what we are trying to accomplish as when we got Shula.


In my opinion Ireland's picks are playing for the Dolphins. If you go back four years it is hard to argue they play. The problem is to say should they be starters. It appears to be most of the players are decent back up or situational players. However, few players are standouts. The standouts would be Grimes, Starks, Wake, Pouncey, and maybe Harline. I think we need more success in quality starters. However one looks at it, we were slightly improved. Considering the expense, there were no clear changes in the teams outcome - although the games were much closer, and Miami could have pulled out a game or two. Losing the last two have-to games states we are not there yet. I hope we can do whatever it takes to turn those games where we barely lost in to decisive wins. Maybe we are only a few players away; maybe we need to adjust the coaching decisions. I wish I were expert enough to answer these questions. I wish the owners, coaches, and players the best of hope and luck in making these decisions.


Douglas, I think your comments also come from frustration. A few weeks from now everyone will see things more clearly. Just a few weeks ago, Miami was looking amazing and Joe Philbin was mentioned as a coach of the year candidate. They just defeated New England in a critical game, Pittsburgh on the road and had been most of the teams in the AFC side of the playoffs. The wheels did fall off the wagon; however, I think the staff did a decent job and provided several pleasant surprises this year that I am personally thankful for.

For all Dolphin fans.. be careful what you ask for. Since the Joe Robbie days fans have pushed around Dolphin ownership and caused good coaches to be removed without really giving them a chance to be successful. As long as the fans rule and keep driving away coaches this franchise will be in this mess. It takes a good 3-5 years to establish a system and get the right personnel into place to execute. Miami fans seem all too willing to trash players and coaches and demand their departures and usually I think they get their way. As long as that continues, Miami is toast and will continue to be a laughing stock.

Mr. Ross.. please ignore us, keep building and don't try to please the mob. No matter what they tell you we don't go to games to see new people. We go to watch a winning football team. That takes time and patience.


Compare Miami's flounding since the end of the season - no moves made when something desperately needs to be done - with the decisive moves made by Tampa Bay. Ross needs to give Ireland the boot and give Dawn Aponte the GM position. He then needs to tell Philbin that he has two choices: replace Sherman and Coyle, or be fired himself.