Sunday, January 26, 2014

So Coach Philbin, Paper or Plastic?

Coach Philbin is one happy shopper today. No worries about job security. No worries at all.

Nope. He has just gotten another hat to wear too.

Team shopper!!

Yep. He gets to pick out his groceries.

He will have help ofcourse in the name of Dennis Hickey.

Hickey may be our new "GM". It may even state that that on his cards and door.

But due to the new structure of our hierarchy and job description of our "GM", Hickey is pretty much Philbin's delivery boy.

Oh, both will report directly to Ross as will Dawn Aponte. And both are expected to get along with eachother for the team's sake. And both will work hand in glove when it comes to players on the roster.

Sure if you believe Stephen Ross, Hickey has final say of the 53 man roster, draft picks and free agents.

Sure he does!

Hickey will certainly set up his own player evaluation system and staff. He may keep some of the current scouts and he may clean house over time. Maybe that's the 53 men Ross was talking about.

Realistically, and I agree whole heartedly with this approach, Hickey will find and evaluate players but Philbin will determine who comes and who leaves. Who we draft and who we cut.

Hickey will recommend but Philbin will place his order and Hickey will deliver.

Regardless of who the coach is, they deserve and need the power to determine their own roster and then its up to Hickey to get them and Aponte to sign them.

How hard is that?

And this is a smart move by Ross. If Philbin gets us into the playoffs this year, everyone will be happy. If Philbin doesn't, then he is gone and it will then open the door to those highly regarded and proven coaches who want the power to determine their own roster as well.

So if Cowher or Gruden or whomever gets the itch in another year, we are set up perfectly for their egos.

So Hickey needs to start asking this simple question: Coach Philbin, paper or plastic?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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I agree with the approach Carl, as I have stated in the past, Philbin needs to have a lot if say in his roster, he is the one coaching them. But I can't help but be frustrated and embarrassed by this GM search. Aren't you?


Annoyed if anything. Took so long. Would've liked Caserio as that would have weakened NE.
My concern is that when was all this "no power to fire Philbin" discussed with candidates. If we waited to second interviews then we fumbled the ball. If it was mentioned during the first interviews then the finalists used us for more cash at current positions.
But its all a crap shoot. It really is.
No guarantees on any GM hires. No guarantees on draft picks. No guarantees of team execution.
NFL should change name to NGL. The No Guarantee League.


Probably what will happen is we won't make the playoffs next year. Then Philbin will get fired.Hickey will get full power because Ross will be loyal to him.No top notch coach will want to work with Hickey because they will want the final say .We will settle with another unproven coach and the cycle just keeps repeating.


Let's hope we make the playoffs Hammer Head.
If we don't Ross will do whatever if takes at that point.
Philbin deserves a 3rd year, as does any coach excluding Can Cameron.