Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Philbin Is Now Packing A Lazor Gun

In his best move to date, Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin hired the absolute right guy to lead a beleaguered offense into new horizons.

Former Eagles QB coach, Bill Lazor, will not only add a much needed spark to a lethargic and highly predictable offense but, as an added benefit, actually allow Philbin to grow as well.

I love the hire. I truly do.

As I mentioned yesterday, Bill Lazor was the guy to get.

He not only has an outstanding coaching pedigree but he has proven last year, while working with Eagles 2nd year QB Nick Foles, that he can coach NFL QBs and make them highly successful.

Foles finished the season, with the Eagles going 8-3, while throwing 27 TDs with only 2 interceptions and compiling an NFL leading 119.2 passer rating.

But that's not what has me most excited!

Its not even the anticipated growth of Ryan Tannehill.

What has me truly excited is the anticipated growth of Coach Philbin.

Yes, you heard me right.

Its the anticipated growth of Coach Philbin.

Lets not lose track of the fact that this is Philbin's first career Head Coaching position and through all the ups and downs and unbelievable circumstances of the past season, he has kept an even keel and tried to keep the ship afloat.

Is he fire and brimstone? No.

But he has his own low key style which can seem quite annoying to most fans.

Now, with his mentor and trusted confident Mike Sherman, jettisoned from the team, Philbin is left to truly be his own man.

He no longer has to walk on eggs around the offense, afraid to upset the cart and the very man who gave him his first coaching opportunity in the NFL.

Now Philbin can walk into, if not barge into, the offensive meeting room and demand results.

I know that is not his style. But what the hey, he can actually do that now as opposed to last year, when we all believe, he would have had reservations about doing any such thing.

Instead of being Sherman's man, Philbin now has his own man at the throttle piloting the offense in what suredly will be an F-16 armored with a Lazor Gun.

Look for the Miami Dolphins to feature a blitzkreig attack, taking no prisoners and having the Dolfan Nation finally singing Philbin's praises.

And no, I am not nuts!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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The great thing is we don't have to watch what Philbin does go down the drain. He came in and made the Dolphins do two practices at once and it worked. He set up a fast paced system that was destroyed by Sherman.

Philbin, get back to the fast pace and let Lazor take it to a lazor paced system.


Soly baby, you hit that one right out of the park.
Philbin wanted a race car and wound up with a Sherman tank!


media is too manic in Miami.Hot and cold. Fire them, love them a week later.


So true Billy, sad but true!
Knee Jerk City, Fla