Saturday, January 04, 2014

Oh too bad...little Nicky loses

I meant to say something earlier, but Oklahoma's domination of Alabama was nothing short of fantastic. Because it presented us with this image. :)

Now you may ask why I hold such animosity toward this jerk? And the answer is that his leaving was the defining moment. The moment when the dolphins started their descent into irrelevance.

Truth be told it actually started earlier, but until then, there were still "outs" - ways in which the team could still do things right to recover (like say Ricky Williams quitting or 62-7). And they managed to that. They weren't quite there yet.

But when this guy left, the national attention turned to laughing stock at least in part because of other issues that led up to it.

So there ya go. When he left, I realized that he embodies everything that's wrong with this team.

And for me, personally, it changed the way I thought about the direction and overall leadership of the team. They went off course and lost the map and compass.
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Sad but true Dave, sad but true.


Great post Dave! I consider this guy a cancer for any football team he is on because he is only really worried about one thing. Himself. You want to know the real reason why Saban had to leave the NFL? The NFL is as even of a playing field in sports. He was more comfortable in college football where most of the teams don't have the same level of talent. I never have much respect for "Hot Shot" college coaches that get the majority of their wins against teams with inferior talent.


No, the problems started when Joe Robbie died, that lead to the team being purchased by Wayne "garbageman, used car salesman" Huizenga. The man that fired Don Shula. You can say Shula "retired" but you know thats lie, he was forced out the door. That is the worse day in Dolphin history. Fired him to get one of the most overrated coach in NFL history( H Walker trade and knowledge of players in NCAA made him). That lead to him quitting on the team after three years, bringing in Dave Winestead, 62-7 and the "retiring" on Dan Marino. The team has been an afterthought small market team since.


Chris, you're right of course, and I posted the long and sordid history here

But in spite of it all, the team still had some relevance. Maybe it was the after glow of Shula. Maybe it was because Marino was still here. Maybe it was the euphoria of Wayne owning all of south Florida, and being a fan. Maybe it was Jimmy.

But once Wannstedt quit, it became obvious, and when Nick quit, well, that was the end for me as a wild eyed fan.


WOW! never read that before, brings back a lot of painful moments. Its sums things up quite nicely. I would add in 95, signing Eric Green and dumping Keith Jackson. I feel that move had a major effect on the season.
The day, to me anyway, that the Dolphins stopped being a top tier NFL team to just another small market franchise, was in January 2005. I was reading Dolphin Digest(required reading before internet) about Wayne flying his private garbage truck to Baton Rouge stocked full of "Little Debbie" treats(apparently satan's favorite food) to lure Nicky to join the Dolphins. That moment is burned into my mind forever.