Friday, January 03, 2014

Jerry Jones: Add four more teams

Saw this headline and read the article. Naturally when your team just missed the playoffs, you want to expand the playoffs. 

In any case, there's a link to the article below. But I posted something about what expanded playoffs might look like in terms of byes and such. 

He's talking about the 8-team scenario which means no one would have a bye....

Have a peek:

Jerry Jones: Add four more teams
Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones, a postseason spectator for the fourth consecutive year, is in favor of expanding the NFL playoffs.
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No no no. Jones is such a crybaby.

The playoffs are already as expanded as they should be.
Any more teams will just take away from the signifigance of actually making the playoffs.

Think back when there were only 3 divisions per confrence with 1 wildcard team.
Now that was real cutthroat football :) And this was only a few years ago.

If theyre going to add 4 more playoff teams, then they need to add 8 more teams to the league to make an even 40! Otherwise, making the playoffs wouldnt even be much of an accomplishment.