Monday, January 13, 2014

It must suck to be a Carindals fan

The NFC championship is being played between two teams in your division, and you beat the Seahawks once, and lost on a last-minute field goal to the 9ers in one game...

And finishing 10-6, you were oh-so-close, but the Packers won their division and got in at 8-8-1...

Can you imagine if instead of the current format there was a seeded tournament?  That would been fun - let the Cards face off against these teams.  From the Gregg Easterbrook, this is his take on such a format:

Here is what the playoff field would look like, if seeding were in effect. (To avoid spending hours running tiebreaker scenarios, I used net-points differential. A seeded format would use head-to-head and common-opponents as tiebreakers.)
Bye teams in order of seeding: Denver, Seattle, Carolina, San Francisco.
Opening round:
San Diego (9-7) at New England (12-4)
Arizona (10-6) at Cincinnati (11-5)
Philadelphia (10-6) at Kansas City (11-5)
Indianapolis (11-5) at New Orleans (11-5)
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Don't mess with the present system. Mad you missed the playoffs, win your division next year. If you start taking division championships out of the equation it will change the face of the game. Division rivalries wouldn't matter anymore, they would become an idea of the a bygone era.