Thursday, January 23, 2014

In case you doubted it, it's all about the money

This post relates to my previous one about removing the tax exemption from the NFL

The NFL won't consider Miami for a future superbowl "because of the stadium" and that's partially true.

But it's really about the money. The league wanted autonomy over the region. They wanted to be able to select venues, get hotel rooms, etc without the boat show (a huge event in south florida) or any other large events going on at the same time.

And more than that, they wanted all of these venues and rooms at discounted rates. And they wanted a tax exemption on all of it.

So the proposition of making money on the Super Bowl would get worse for the community.

The politicians balked and the nfl thumbed its nose at the whole state.

And that's why I suggest signing the petition. Remove the tax exemption and suddenly the playing field is leveled once again.
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