Thursday, January 02, 2014

How silly

I know I haven't had much (or really anything) to say about the fins. But when I saw Stevie's helicopter on the field, and the local media blathering on for literally hours, I realize we have reached a new low point. There's no way out of this mess. It will end badly. Again.

And really, the helicopter on the field is just plain silly.

Now on a related topic, my son pointed out to me that you can read this shirt as "it sour time" and that made me laugh in context.


  1. Your son is very perceptive and very funny!!!

  2. Thanks. I'm so proud. :)

  3. That's Ear Force One!

  4. yupp. Laughable state, as i've been saying for weeks now. This only solidifies it. Your right, no way out of this, it will end badly.