Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dolphins Miss Out On Proven Commodity

Patience may be a virtue.

Mulling over your options to make sure you reach an intelligent decision is prudent.

Maybe the Dolphins have a plan for hiring a GM.

Maybe they don't.

I am not sure if they actually will even hire one. They may stay with the current brain trust. The three headed monster composed of Assistant GM Brian Gaine, Executive Vice President Dawn Aponte and Head Coach Joe Philbin.

After all, three heads are better than one. So I've heard.

One potential GM just got away.

The NFL Network has announced that the Atlanta Falcons swept in and hired Scott Pioli to be, get this, their Assistant GM.

Assistant GM!

I have to assume that Ross reached out to Pioli to gage interest in becoming our GM. Knowing full well that the GM will not determine the coaches fate.

The new GM can handle the roster. But not the coach.

If and why Pioli passed is intriguing.

He pretty much has the same responsibilities in Atlanta now as their Assistant GM. Help with building a roster.

Why not make more money and do the same in Miami?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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I don't know. And I'm not sure I will be happy with Gaine over a perceived better candidate with fuller control like a Pioli, Farmer, etc. The feeling I'm getting is if it is Gaine, that's more a move to keep the power structure Philbin, Aponte, with talent evaluation by Gaine. Not sure this is a good thing. I'm very openly not a fan of Philbin. I would have fired him. I think Aponte is good at salary cap management, but she is now coming across as a cut-throat business woman, and those tend to be more out for their own careers and futures ahead of everything else, and Gaine may just be a puppet for those 2. I just don't think all this front-office politics crap can be good for the team and franchise overall. That's my gut feeling about all this.


Farmer sounds intriguing, Anthony.
Former player, bright and congenial.
All good attributes for a successful GM to have. He should relate very well to free agents.
Very good point Anthony!!!