Sunday, January 19, 2014

Didn't I say this would happen on Ross' schedule?

And I meant it!

The Dolphin don't have a GM yet.  The Senior Bowl is here, and that's when all the GMs, coaches, and owners glad hand and generally close these things out.

And yet, there are articles wondering when something might happen.  Like this one, which tells us that Ross' other business has him traveling abroad:

My question: if it doesn't matter to him, why does it matter to anyone else?  He's going to do his other work first, and will get around to this eventually.  As fans we can say its gonna be a problem - and we may very well be right - but it just goes to show that its his team and he can do whatever *he* wants, and he really, really doesn't care about this team, the fans, or anything other than being an owner.

This team is just silly and irrelevant, and after talking with a few people around the league who I was able to catch up with, that seems to be a universal truth.  One guy even told me that this team rivals the Cleveland Browns in being one of the worst run franchises, and the biggest joke in the league.
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Ross leaving the country prior to hiring the GM isn't as irresponsible as one would initially think. This is a big decision and if you aren't sure yet then you shouldn't pull the trigger before you have to. Only TB needs a GM too.

Regarding the senior bowl, all the scouts and coaches will be there anyway. if Philbin is going to have input on roster then we are missing only two eyes looking for us. All those who interviewed are there anyway looking for their current employers. We really aren't losing much, if anything, by not having our own GM there now. We actually have 5 different guys there who Ross can reinterview later to pick their brains about whom they were impressed with and how those players could fit in.


Your order of execution sounds flawless but do you personally have that much faith that the Dolphins would take that approach of process to finding the most suitable GM, that would be willing to work under Aponte?


If the person that does the legal/contract work is going to be over the GM, then Ross is a complete idiot.