Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are We Turning The Page?

As new GM, Dennis Hickey, gets acclimated to his new digs and his son shows off his new Tannehill jersey, one has to wonder if yesterday's press conference was more fluff than substance.

After all, we Dolfans have been duped enough in the last ten years that Carneys and Shills are setting up permanent booths at Sun Life.

For a sawbuck you can try to find the GM.

Or for a few duckets you can throw 3 deep passes towards an armless receiver to see if you can lodge the ball in his facemask from 40 yards away.

For a mere six pence you can attempt to block a pro bowl defensive lineman with the understanding that if you actually make any contact with him you will be signed to a 3 year contract!

Finally, you can attempt to catch a direct snap blindfolded. ( no jock cups allowed )

If you thought the experience of Super Bowl Boulevard on Broadway in NYC for Super Bowl week was a circus, come to next year's season opener.

The point of all this nonsense is that if Dennis Hickey and Coach Philbin are truly going to work together on building the roster, then I will feel very confident in our future success.

That's what Ross told us was going to happen and why he joined those two at the hip.

I would hope he meant it so that when Hickey and Philbin are on the same page then we can actually turn it.

Hey, cotton candy, peanuts, ice cold lemonade!!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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LOL Carl! Loved the metaphors. I feel the same way. I am exhausted just reading about this GM crap, Martin/Incognito, front office dysfunction, etc etc etc. WIN 10+ GAMES OR WIN THE EAST NEXT YEAR!!! PERIOD! Winning will cure Ross' woes...


Lawrence my friend, you are so right, winning cures all ills!
And I am tired too.
Glad you loved the blog. Thanks!


So true Carl so true. I am ready to just get this stupid Wells report done and let the guys that are in there work. Philbin comes off to me as a very hard working guy. I think GM's around the league are worried and really want Miami to fail. They have a woman in a position of power and they have done away with the almighty GM approach. The NFL is like a Xerox machine when a team has success. If Miami does well with the current setup, the GM's that get final say are going to be nervous!


Good point gofins4sb.
The key to me in this relationship between GM and HC is that they share the same philosophy, if not then the GM should be subordinate to the HC's needs and not just give him players that he cannot be successful with as they don't necessarily fit his system.
But if these two can work together on the roster, we can be very successful.