Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A couple thoughts

The idea floated by Goodell to do away with the PAT serves one purpose: to make the game more interesting.  He knows that the billion dollar goose has reached its peak.  Not selling out stadiums shows that they need to take on new challenges - change the game and hope to make it more compelling in some way.  And this idea of automatically gettting 7, and adding one if you go for the try, or losing one if you don't make it is more of a gambling paradise.  Its not about the PAT, but about making coaching matter.

Bill Bellichik whining about the hit from Wes Welker sounds like sour grapes to me.  If the roles were reversed, he'd be quietly smirking.  Boohoo, you lost. Tell someone who cares.

On the Dolphins, I believe that you will hear nothing about a GM until after the Superbowl.  About a week later, there will be an announcement - my best guess (and it is only a guess!) is that Dan Marino will be announced as having some role with the team; some VP role.  And the purpose of it will be to get fans excited.  And Dawn Aponte and Brian Gaines will take over personnel. 

And at the same time, there will be an announcement about bullygate - a few people will get a reprimand, maybe the o-line coach gets fired.  And then back to Marino talk.

In other words, we'll get played - and we'll accept it. 

Go ahead Mr. Ross and show me I'm wrong.

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Hi Dave,
The extra point has become virtually automatic as there have only been 4 misses this season for a 99.67 % rate of success.
I like what Michele Beisner suggested this morning on NFL Total Access. She suggested to have the click made from the 30 yardline which would amount to a 40 yard FG. Still one point but it creates much more drama and places a lot more pressure on the kicker.


Two suggestions I heard on the PAT:

(1) make it from the spot where the last play started (so a 1 yard TD, would be from the 1, while a 40-yard TD would be from the 40), with some max, like the 50.

and (2) make the point after play really compelling - you get TWO if you make it (taking the total to 9 on the play), but if you miss, you lose the point. Most coaches might take that gamble


If the NFL want to increase revenue, all they have to do is add two more teams in each conference to the mix; with no bye week for anyone. The top seed drawing the bottom seed is reward enough for their efforts. Most teams do not want a bye week anyway because it puts a break in their winning streak. By adding two teams to the playoffs from the afc and nfc, this will add much more excitement and dollars to the industry immediately! This move would be very helpful to teams who get hot in the second half of the season and miss the playoffs by one game or so.
This move will cause other teams who are simply going through the motions, the incentive to play harder throughout the season because they have a realistic chance of getting into the playoffs. I sent this suggestion to Roger Goddell a few times already. Just think of the millions of dollars the NFL would generate for teams and their city, who never make the playoffs or who have not gone for some time. It is a win win for all parties involved!


This PAT thing is not good. It is more catch 22 than anything else.


(other) David - you're right, a few more teams would be good. But I also like the idea of a seeded tournament. Still give advantage to anyone that did win their division, but it makes the whole thing potentially more exciting. The Packers and Bears might have been playing just to make it at all...that would be something.


They already do this. Its called the NBA.


Bingo Carl. So with that system, under dogs get into the big dance and everyone is happy.


(Other David) thank you. You know us Davids always have it going on!