Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Starts Now

Sigh…another season and another round of Brady vs Manning playing for a super bowl.  It does get frustrating to get invested in your team only to see those two prevail in the end yet again.  However, in the words of Edward Norton. “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” The new wave of NFL elite will soon be upon us. We now are traveling through the time of year in which pink slips are being handed out through the high levels of team organizations.  Owners, much like the fans, are looking for that magic formula to be the next NFL elite.  This time around there was a big change in Miami as the most unpopular GM I can think of since Matt Millen was shown the door.  In will be coming a new man and new management organization for the team. Also packing up his desk is Mike Sherman.  I think everyone knew it was his time to GO GO.  With his departure comes Bill Lazer, a much more creative and unpredictable OC.  Do we finally have a OC that can prepare the team to adjust during the game when Belichick and Ryan move their chess pieces? These changes will be the hot stories going on for the coming weeks until we get to free agency and the draft.  However, there is one person I wanted to write about not being mentioned… Darren Krein. Who is the world is Darren Krein? He is the head strength and conditioning coach.  The management culture for the Dolphins is being setup for high accountability.  This man has a lot of work to do and I wanted to get my 2014 Christmas list to Mr. Krein in early. 

  1. Dannell Ellerbe – Loaded with talent. I love his speed/size combo.  However, he has fat hanging on him. He easily needs to lose 20 pounds of fat and gain at least 10 pounds of muscle. This man was paid a ton of money and we don’t have the cap space or the draft picks to replace him in 2014. He needs to show-up to training camp lean and mean, he owes it to the team and the fans this offseason
  2. Dion Jordon – In limited snaps he clearly showed he can be an impact player. However, he needs to add 20 pounds of muscle.  Call me crazy but if he does that this off-season he will have Julius Peppers type talent. Get him on the Cam Wake training schedule!
  3. Paul Soliai – Assuming he is back (a big if) he was too heavy this season. We need the Paul Soliai from two seasons ago. When he gets morbidly obese, he had no ability to rush the passer on the interior. He also can’t shoot gaps to redirect running backs more outside.  On top of that he gets hurt more easily. Since a contract year did not motivate him and Philbin has little time for players that show up out of shape, he may have already eaten himself out of spot in Miami.
  4.  Bryant McKinnie – He likes playing in Miami and we need help on the oline, LOTS of help.  We are going to have to use a lot of our draft resources to get new linemen. We really need an old vet to help hold down the fort until they are ready. However, he is slow out of his stance and can’t pull on a sweep to save his life.  His career is basically over if he does not drop 30-40 pounds. Do you have the desire for one more round Bryant?
  5. Tyson Clabo – See above on needing help from a veteran. Have you seen this guy without pads? Does he even know where the weight room is? No wonder Mario ran over him like a rag doll.
  6. John Jerry – Wait nvm, spend your time on someone else this guy is a lost cause.
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I agree with everything stated above. Here is a thought as to why I think Lazor is the PERFECT fit for Miami...
Mike Wallace & DeSean Jackson are practically mirror images of each other, both burners. The Eagles and Dolphins have eerily similar receivers. The only thing missing From the Miami offense, (besides the entire O-line), is a Solid 4 down back. Ben Tate anyone? LOL. I am very happy with the Lazor hire, best fit for what was out there IMO. Hopefully he brings with him a screen game, that would have worked wonders for the Miami offense this year...


Love the Art Carney!!!

I agree "go" completely.

Jordan absolutely needs to beef up. OTs would get their paws on him and he became manageable. He is still so young and his body is still maturing so I expect much better results out of him this coming season.
I hope Coyle uses Jordan differently this year by having him stunt more by looping around into an open "A" gap. Move him around more too. He is so quick.