Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A final thought on Ross, Michigan, and the Dolphins

I watched a little of Harbaughs press conference via the hilights that ESPN showed. But I'd didn't see Stephen Ross in the crowd. I admit I was surprised by that, I expected he'd be front-and-center.

Then I saw the report I've attached below, which was filed on Saturday evening. So, it was basically a done deal before Sunday's NFL games were played. And Ross was busy planning a party for the new coach as early as Saturday night.

It's no surprise, then, that there hasn't been a word from him after an 8-8 season and a disappointing game. He was focused on his other team and (I believe the term I've used previously) hobnobbing with his mancrush.

I understand other business interests. I get that for some pro owners they have other things they're involved in. But when one of those things directly conflicts with the team, ya gotta wonder....

But other than owning the dolphins and agreeing to fund stadium improvements "himself" (and yes, that's dripping with sarcasm; its a sweetheart deal that has him coming out ahead financially without using the stadium), what has he done for the community at all?  As far as I can tell...nada.

It's like I keep saying: he likes owning AN NFL team, but it's just a hobby. You may care about it, but does he? He "bleeds maize and blue" and his ringtone is the Michigan fight song.  I'm all for loving your alma mater, but he comes about as close to owning it as one can, I suppose.


Chat Sports received an email late Saturday night, which has now been confirmed by Fox Sports Bruce Feldman, stating that Jim Harbaugh, his wife Sarah, their children and Michigan AD Jim Hackett and 3 other members of Hackett’s staff will fly to Michigan Monday on a 10AM PT private jet direct to a private airport near Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh and crew will board and fly directly to Ann Arbor, landing around 6PM ET. From there, Harbaugh will be welcomed to Michigan by over 50 former Michigan players and several prominent alumni, including Stephen Ross, for a private dinner celebration on Michigan’s campus.

From there, Tuesday will be an eventful day in Ann Arbor, with a press conference and basketball event welcoming the Harbaugh family to Ann Arbor. Read more on the Tuesday events here.
For more breaking news on Jim Harbaugh download the Michigan Wolverines iPhone app here or head to Michigan football news here.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Miami "Queasy" Dolphins.

Hello all, this is my first blog and I want to thank Dave for inviting me to express my opinions and thoughts about the team.  I've been a fan since I was 6 and I have threatened to leave for as long as I can remember, but lets face it none of are going to do that.  As much as I would love to jump ship and root for a winner, my passion lays with the Phins.

Let me first say some may agree, some may not with my opinions but that is what sharing your opinions is all about.  My first blog may touch on a few different areas so i'm sorry if I'm jumping around.

Where to start, the Dolphins have been disappointing since the day Marino retired.  At least when he was under center we had something to look forward to.  How Ross can keep Philbin is beyond me, and what makes this decision even harder to comprehend is Ross said he likes the progress.  What progress ? 7-9 and two 8-8 seasons with a back to back December debacle where you could have made the playoffs in both years is not progress. Winning is progress, making the playoffs is progress.  To further that point the defense has regressed immensely in 2012 they allowed 317 YPG and were #7, 2013 335 YPG #8, and this year 2014 allowing 373 YPG and ending at #20.  They also finished in the standings 2nd in 2012, 3rd in 2013, and 3rd in 2014.  How is any of that progress? and its all under Philbin's watch.  He has given away young talent ( Smith, Davis) for older declining talent ( Grimes, Finnegan) Yes I know Grimes made the pro bowl again but he is still aging and tackling is an issue.  Philbin's dislike for " Personalities" is why this team is mediocre, and I predict he will trade Wallace away because his dislike for the personality player.

Off topic for a moment:  I don't know about you but I sense something brewing with Wallace and I've  since defended him because I truly believe he wants to be the star he knows can be and in this offense he is not given the chance to do so.  It's not about crying about not getting the ball, true play makers, true talent want the ball because they know what they can do.
( ehh hmm Dez Bryant)

I'll leave with this, Steven Ross brought back a coach who at home against the Green Bay Packers a chance to beat a good team, take a stand, change the views of the fans and the public, go for the kill decided he felt too "Queasy" to throw the ball on a deciding third down.  That is what we have in Miami, a queasy coach who was too queasy to fire Sherman, too queasy to go into a game and win instead of not lose and whom I believe will be too queasy to make the much needed decision to fire Coyle which ultimately will lead to Queasy 2015 season.

Fwd: Miller nominated for FedEx Ground player of week

Hi Dave,


I wanted to let you know that the Dolphins Lamar Miller was nominated for the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week for his gutsy performance against the New York Jets (tallied 178 rushing yards on 19 carries (9.4 avg.) and added a 97-yard touchdown run). This is Miller's first nomination of the year. We'd love for you could encourage your readers to go to to vote. If Miller wins, FedEx will make a $2,000 donation to Miami's local chapter of the American Red Cross.


You'll find a list of nominees below:


Air Nominees

·         New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith threw for 358 yards and three touchdowns for a 158.3 passer rating in the Jets' 37-24 win over the Miami Dolphins.


·         Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns for a 107.6 passer rating in the Ravens' 20-10 win against the Cleveland Browns.


·         Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw for 317 yards and two touchdowns in an AFC North-clinching 27-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.


Ground Nominees

·         San Francisco running back Frank Gore had 25 carries for 144 yards in the 49ers' 20-17 win against the Arizona Cardinals.


·         Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller tallied 178 rushing yards on 19 carries (9.4 avg.) and added a 97-yard touchdown run in Miami's game against the New York Jets.


·         Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray tallied 100 rushing yards on 20 carries (5.0 avg.) and added a touchdown in the Cowboys' 44-17 win against the Washington Redskins.


Every Monday night, following the Monday Night football game, through Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, fans may visit to cast votes for their favorite players nominated that week. FedEx and the NFL will announce the winners every Thursday afternoon and award a $2,000 donation in each player's name to their teams' local area chapters of the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief and preparedness.


I'll send you a note if Miller gets enough fan votes to take home the Ground Player of the Week award, but make sure your readers are using #AirandGround to spread the word!


The joke is on all of us

It should be clear by now that Stephen Ross doesn't care about the Dolphins (or the teams fans). What he does care about is his beloved Michigan football team.

Last week, he abruptly announced that Philbin would be staying in Miami, and then the team tanks...meanwhile Harbaugh accepts the Michigan offer.  How do you like them apples?  Look, it doesn't matter if Harbuagh was the right guy for the job here - its the principle that Philbin is the *wrong* guy for the job, and Ross simply doesn't care.  Sloughing off the decision while he was finagling to get Harbuagh in Michigan should be taken as a slap in the face to all Dolphins fans.

Who's the biggest donor to Michigan football?  Who would simply have to be consulted about an offer?  Oh yeah, that would be Mr. Ross. He was willing to stand pat here, all the while trying to improve Michigan.

And as for the team tanking, well, that's where the real trouble is.  Philbin just got another year out of his owner, and then goes out the next week and says he was outcoached.  Outcoached!  So if that's how he behaves in that situation, how will it be next year when he's (maybe?) coaching for his job - or if he knows the owner simply doesn't care?

And with all of the impending free agents, little cap space and choices to make about players like Wallace, where do they go?  And what of Tannehill and his backloaded contract that pays him more in 2015, with an opt out clause.  Do they pay it?

Maybe the DC gets released, and someone new comes in.  He'll surely have a lot of new players (many of the starters are relatively old), so there's no consistency there.  And who comes here when the team is this....dysfunctional? 

And you have to wonder if Lazor will have an opportunity elsewhere now that the coaching carousel has started  Would some team up the offer to him?  Would Philbin (or Ross) let him go just because the team underperformed?  Then, you're starting over yet again on offense, too.

So the joke part is the fact that for the one year we had some information about the revenue stream (I think it was 2007?), we saw H Wayne netted $200 million in profit.  And there weren't fans in the seats those years. Gotta figure the number has gone up based on the new labor deal, and whether people show up or not, Ross makes money.  So the question is why should any of "us" expect anything different?

He's making money and doesn't appear to care about the team.  Sure, he gives it lip service, but that's just hollow words (like "show improvement"....)

VIDEO: How do Dolphins fans tailgate?

I was forwarded a link to this video, along with this:

Former Epic Meal Time star, Alex Perrault (aka. "Muscles Glasses"), is taking on tailgating in his latest endeavor — the SportsManias DieHard Tour -- a vlog-style series that profiles the tailgating experiences of diehard sports fans across the country. Alex’s last NFL stop of the season was in SportsManias’ home town of Miami before the Dolphins thrilling Week 16 win over the Vikings, where he captured the foods, vehicles and diehard fans that make up the Dolphins tailgating experience. Miami Herald Dolphins’ Insider Adam Beasley even joined the party.


And my own comment is: gee, look how many open spaces there were for the game. :)

Queasy Does It

Mike Wallace is the face of many Dolphins who quit against the Jets. Like Wallace, many Dolphins quit because this was a nothing game for a nothing coach backed by a nothing owner. The only difference being that most players chose to quit on the field.

Back to Wallace. He's obviously disgruntled. Couple that with Odrick's outburst two weeks ago and it exposes a continued dysfunction in the Dolphins' locker room. Odrick is an unrestricted free agent and his loud critique on the sidelines may have sealed his fate with Queasy Joe, who palsies at thoughts of a vocal locker room.

What if the Dolphins want to move on from Wallace? His cap number is $12,100,000 for 2015.
Cut before June 1, the Dolphins eat $9,600,000 and save $2,500,000.
Cut after June 1, the Dolphins eat $5,200,000 and a save $6,900,000.

Wallace's huge contract, multiplied by his character, makes a trade highly unlikely. Still, if the Dolphins were able to trade him, they would carry $6,600,000 on the books, offset by saving $5,500,000.

In 2014, the Dolphins carried dead money to the tune of $5,701,402 for departed players Carlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Richard Marshall and Jonathan Martin. With that sum clearing the books in 2015, it would not be hard to imagine the Dolphins cutting Wallace after June 1, 2015.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Facts And Opinion After Week The Week 17 Loss

Some FACTS from the EMBARRASSING loss to the Jets in week 17:

Joe Namath, I mean, Geno Smith had a PERFECT passer rating of 158.3 against the Phins.

The Dolphin defense allowed the Jets to score their season high 37 points

Coyle STILL HAS NOT LEARNED HIS LESSON to not put his players in a position to fail! Remember the play where Jeremy Kerley converted a 3rd and long? It was Dion Jordan defending him. Yes, a DE was covering a slot receiver.

Said it once and I'll say it again: Caleb Sturgis is a horrible kicker and needs to be replaced

Said this once and I'll say it again: players play for Rex Ryan, even in a meaningless game. "Queasy" Joe can't say the same thing

Even in a meaningless game, "Queasy" Joe shows no backbone and again, does not play to win the game but rather chooses to play not to lose. 4th and 1 on the Jets 46 yard line in the first quarter of a meaningless game, Philbin's decision: Punt.

The defense gave up yet another double digit lead.

It's been reported that a "coach", Tannehill and Mike Wallace got into some sort of argument which led to Wallace's 2nd half benching. Although it is unknown at this time what the argument was about, I'd like to think that he nicknamed Philbin "Puddin'" which would be a perfect fit

Some more interesting FACTS and opinion about the 2014 season:

Steven Ross is a liar. He said he had to see "progress" and "improvement" this year or he would strongly consider a coaching change. This came after 2013's 8-8 season record. Well here we are at the end of 2014 with yet another 8-8 record blowing our chances for a playoff berth even sooner than 2013! 

Oh wait! This team has improved right?! On paper, maybe they have BUT why identical records? Shouldn't that lead to more wins? 

Let me save you the time peanut gallery:

The offense had to learn a new system

There were a lot of injuries

The receivers dropped passes

The defense missed tackles

Ryan Tannehill didn't wear his lucky socks

Lamar Miller's left cleat was tied tighter than his right one

You know what excuses are like don't you??

The defense has regressed every year since Kevin Coyle took over as DC.

This team has been a joke for many years and it will continue. The team does not respect "Queasy" Joe. Can you blame them? I sure can't. We ended the season last year with the bully gate dysfunction and we ended the season this year with the Mike Wallace fiasco. 

It's always something with this team. 

Who needs a division title or a playoff berth??! At least they are entertaining, which is by all means, what the NFL is about! ENTERTAINMENT! Yes! The Dolphins won the title of being the most entertaining team to follow in the NFL! The season is a success!

I wonder what coaching candidates will be available for the 2016 season???

Endangered Species?

It's official. The Dolphins are a mediocre 8-8 and gift Jets QB Geno Smith a career day. I really got irritated  watching the Dolphins secondary allow a career high 13.9 pass yards per play to a career 6.34 pass yd./play quarterback. Equally distressing was Dolphins linemen watching Tannehill get inundated by a heavy Jets pass rush.

I don't know what's worse, at this point, laying down against the Jets, another year of Philbin or Coyle's defense thoroughly being mastered by a 26th-ranked qb on a three win team!

Rex Ryan threw salt on that gashed Dolphin with the fake punt first down pass. The Jets dumped a season's worth of humiliation on these beached Dolphins.

Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey is in a tough spot. How much more talent can he find, that can push these Dolphins out of their doldrums, any more than the talent they already have?

These are *your* Miami Dolphins

And you can keep them.

The owner makes his bold statement that he's keeping the coach. The media sees some potential here in the the team and if they show improvement and beat the jets, well, then....

And the team drops one that really wasn't that close. Take away Lamar Millers one run and, well, the offense was pretty bad. The defense was sad.

How can you not be prepared for this game?!

8-8. Mediocrity be thy name. It turned out pretty much as I predicted at around mis-season.

Good luck to the current fans, from what now is officially a former one.

Hahahaha. This team is a joke.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Offensive Linemen

If linebackers are the Achilles heel of the defense, the offensive line is the suspect on that side of the football. 

      Name                      Ht.            Wt.      Age         Exp.          2015 Salary
C Sam Brenner             6-2           310        24             2                ERFA
G Daryn Colledge        6-4            308        32             9                UFA
T Jason Fox                   6-6            310        25             5                UFA
T Ja'Wuan James          6-6            318        22             R           $1,915,545
C Mike Pouncey           6-5            305        25             4           $7,438,000
C Samsom Satele         6-3            300        30             8               UFA
G Shelley Smith            6-4            310        27             5          $3,000,000
G Dallas Thomas          6-5            315        25            2           $761,5994
G Billy Turner                6-4           313        23            R           $723,000
T Brandon Albert IR     6-5            310        30            7           $10,725,000
G Mark Asper PS          6-6            321        29            3                 ???
G Nate Garner R/NFI    6-7            320        29            7            $1,816,668

Brandon Albert is the big ticket and his play makes him worth it. Mike Pouncey is the second highest paid lineman. Interestingly, in a historical perspective kind of way, Pouncey makes more than the Dolphins highest paid player in 1999, Dan Marino! James is a Hickey gem!

Free Agency hits the Dolphins hard in 2015, leaving only James, Pouncey and Albert as worthy starters. The Dolphins need backups and both starting guards. In Dennis Hickey we trust!

Here are some free agent linemen that will be available. I listed only those that met the criteria of youth, experience and currently playing on a solid line.

    Name                         Team     Age      Exp.                 Notes
G Clint Boling                 CIN       25         3              20 sacks(3rd) 45 qb hits(2nd) 2,031
                                                                                    rushing yards(5th)avg. 4.4(9th) rush TDs
G Orlando Franklin         DEN      27        3             16 sacks(1st) qb hits 41(1st)
G Jeff Linkenbach            KC        27        4              4.6 avg. rush yds.(2nd) rush TDs 18(2nd)  

What are your thoughts?

Wait. What? (not dolphins related)

I was looking at the playoffs seeding in the CBS sports app on my iPhone and noticed something odd.

Here's a scroll through it:
Seeds 1-4 look okay. At least I think so. Does Carolina have that record? And do they lead the south? I'm not sure (that's what I was looking up)

Seed 5. What. The...? When did Jacksonville move to the nfc?

Seed 6 might be right. Again, I'm not sure about the south. But what's with the description?

And then we move to...seed 9?

And Green Bay is in the west and eliminated?

Very, very odd indeed. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dolphins Linebackers

This area was considered by many to be a defensive weakness.

Looking ahead to 2015, this is a general overview of the salary impact of linebackers currently on the roster.

Also, the Dolphins shed themselves of the dead money hits from Carlos Dansby($2,325,000) and Kevin Burnett($1,250,000). That frees up $3,575,000.

         NAME             Ht.        Wt.          Exp.        Salary
Jonathan Freeny       6-2        254             3        $570,000    Exclusive Rights Free Agent
Jelani Jenkins           6-0        245             2        $613,172
Chris McCain           6-5        250             R        $420,000
Koa Misi                   6-3        252             5         $2,328,000
Kelvin Sheppard       6-2        252             4         $749,925   Unrestricted Free Agent
Jordan Tripp              6-3        240            R         $460,700
Jason Trusnik            6-4        252            7          $1,071,668   Unrestricted Free Agent
Philip Wheeler          6-2        245            6          $6,400,000
Danelle Ellerbe          6-1       245            6           $7,425,000

Ellerbe is on IR. If the Dolphins were to cut him before June 1, or trade him, they would carry $4,200,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $5,650,000.

Wheeler, cut before June 1, would cost $10,600,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $4,200,000. If traded, Wheeler would cost $5,600,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $800,000.

2015 Free Agent Linebackers
David Harris   NYJ   115 tackles   3.5 sacks  1 forced fumble
Josh Mauga     KC       95 tackles  3 Passes Defensed
Jerrell Freeman  IND   94 tackles  1.5 sacks  6 passes defensed  1 forced fumble

Dolphins Top 2 Linebackers
Jelani Jenkins             105 tackles  3.5 sacks  2 forced fumbles
Koa Misi                       63 tackles  1 sack

If you're the general manager, what's the solution for the linebacker corps in 2015?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wake and Grimes selected to the Pro Bowl

Cam Wake has been selected to his 4th Pro Bowl and Brent Grimes his 3rd. This marks 2 consecutive years of each of them representing for the Dolphins. I would have thought Pouncey would have had a chance based on his name recognition. I also believe Brandon Albert could have made it had he not been hurt.

Click here for the full list of players. Do you guys agree with these selections? Who got snubbed and who shouldn't have been selected?

Fwd: Tannehill nominated for FedEx Air player of week

Hi Dave,


I wanted to let you know that the Dolphins Ryan Tannehill was nominated for the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week for his outstanding performance against the Minnesota Vikings (threw for 396 yards for a 118.8 passer rating in the Dolphins' 37-35 win). This is Tannehill's first nomination of the year. We'd love for you could encourage your readers to go to to vote. If Tannehill wins, FedEx will make a $2,000 donation to Miami's local chapter of the American Red Cross.


You'll find a list of nominees below:


Air Nominees

·         Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for 396 yards for a 118.8 passer rating in the Dolphins' 37-35 win over the Minnesota Vikings.


·         New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 391 yards and three touchdowns for a 148.8 passer rating in the Giants' 37-27 win against the St. Louis Rams.


·         San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for 356 yards and four touchdowns in the Chargers' 38-35 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers.


Ground Nominees

·         Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch tallied 113 rushing yards on 10 carries (11.3 avg.) with two touchdowns in the Seahawks' 35-6 win against the Arizona Cardinals.


·         San Francisco running back Frank Gore had 26 carries for 158 rushing yards and a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers.


·         Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill rushed for 147 yards and a touchdown in the Bengals' 37-28 win over the Denver Broncos.


Every Monday night, following the Monday Night football game, through Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, fans may visit to cast votes for their favorite players nominated that week. FedEx and the NFL will announce the winners every Thursday afternoon and award a $2,000 donation in each player's name to their teams' local area chapters of the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief and preparedness.


I'll send you a note if Tannehill gets enough fan votes to take home the Air Player of the Week award, but make sure your readers are using #AirandGround to spread the word!


Green Meanies

Happy Holidays! Ho-ho-ho...hum! Yeah, we're talking about the Dolphins.

The 8-7 Dolphins are getting ready to close out the season vs. the vile green Jets. If the Dolphins win, it'll be their best Philbin finish at 9-7. I say if because their December record during the Middle Ages (hey, I didn't use "mediocre") is 7-7 a la Philbin. If you have a horse in this race, it's a form of an exacta bet. Beat the Jets for a winning season and also gain a winning record for all Decembers.

So, there you have it, a reason for optimism, despite the fact that the Dolphins will be doing exactly what you and I will be doing in January, watching the playoffs on TV.

All is not bleak, however. The hated Jets are coming in! Just beating the crap out of them is reward enough.

One caveat! What kind of Jets team is Rex Ryan coming in with? They just gave the Patriots a scare, knocking Brady around. Last year, the Jets believed they were playing to save Ryan's job and beat the Dolphins. Once again, Ryan's job is on the line!
"One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people's minds".
          Frank Zappa

Monday, December 22, 2014

40th Anniversary Of NFL's "Longest Game Ever" To Be Aired On NFL Network Wednesday

The NFL Network will be airing a 40th Anniversary showing of the Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Divisional Playoff Game from the 1971 season.

The game was played on Christmas Day and went into double overtime before the Dolphins won on a Garo Yepremium field goal.

This classic game featured over 10 Hall of Famers playing on both teams.

It also ruined many a holiday turkey as everyone kept waiting for one of the teams to win the game before they sat down to Christmas dinner.

This game was the moment I became a Dolfan and I am sure you will enjoy the special telecast on Wednesday at 1:30 PM EST.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

From the I told you so category

A week or so ago, I told you mr ross would take the easy way out and just keep Philbin.

And while I may think that this simply leaves the team open for mockery, there's a deeper layer to this.

First off, ross announced that he was keeping Philbin to the media first and THEN went in and told Philbin - "hey I just told the press..."

Second there was the same hollow promise that he wants to see improvement. Whatever that means.

And finally, Philbin was asked about his coordinators and their future. His answer? "I don't know. That's up to me ross".

Does it strike anyone else as strange that he's leaving the fate of his assistant coaches up to the owner? What kind of an organization is this?

Interested in writing for this blog?

Throughout the season, I saw some good dialog between and among writers of the blog, and various posters/fans to the blog.

All of the current writers are invited back (of course!)....but I wanted to extend an invitation to any of you who might be interested in creating content and leading discussions in the future.

All you need to do is drop me an email, and I can fill you in on the details.  No real experience necessary....just a willingness to express your point of view.

And on a somewhat related topic, I see there's a bit of a division of thought on the team.  Some of you are eternal optimists and think its good to stay the course with the coach.  And some of you may think otherwise.  Both points of view are welcome.

If you are in the latter category, and don't care for the owner, the coaching, or whatever, there are two things you can do: (1) you can put your proverbial money where your mouth is, and not spend anything on the team - no tickets, no merchandise, and when it comes to sponsors hold off on their products and tell the sponsor why, and/or (2) you can tell people what you think (in a polite way naturally) on social media, perhaps even as a blogger. :) 

And whether you are interested or not, I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Nothing to see here...

After 20 or so years of rooting for the team, 9 head coaches, 2 owners, a couple of early playoff wins, and a LOT of mediocrity, I can't take it anymore. I have decided to turn in my Dolphins fan card. 

This owner is terrible.  And this coach is just awful.  And if that's what we have to settle for, then I want out.

I'm done.  Finito. 

Thanks for the memories.

I'll go back to my hobby of creating a shrine; this time for the whole team.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

makes a great christmas gift

I think I'll be giving this out to friends and family.

Wipe away!

Sorry But I Agree With Ross Keeping Philbin For One More Year

Yes, one more year.

And if we don't make the playoffs next year then let Dennis Hickey find his replacement.

Now I like Hickey well enough to keep him for a long time.  I think he did a great job with the draft and adding players throughout the season.

Most of the teams out there that go to the playoffs year in and year out have strong front offices and GMs in place who shop for the groceries and if needed hire the Head Coach.

I think we need to head in that direction.  I think we need to start with some stability with a good GM and not start throwing the baby out with the water.

If we bring in a Head Coach who wants all the power and of course wants all his guys in all the positions right up the chain then that guy better be a stud.

And I am sorry but I don't see anyone out there that is worthy of all that power.

I think Dan Marino could work in some capacity beyond watching film with Ryan Tannehill.  Marino not only has the resume to command respect from coaches and players alike but he also is a Dolphin through and through.  He could have gone elsewhere to finish his career but he did the right thing and retired a Dolphin.

But he ain't no HC.

Now I know that every team out there has to deal with injuries.  They are part of this violent sport we all love.

But you cannot blame Philbin for all the injuries to key players during a very tough stretch of our schedule. 

But we can blame him for managing a game like someone who played too many quarters without a helmet.

Today I thought Philbin mismanaged the end of the half by calling timeouts when we just got some momentum back after Tannehill led us down the field to cut the 14 point Viking lead in half.  With 56 seconds left, the Vikings were willing to run out the clock from under the shadows of their goal posts.  Even if we held them, what were we really going to do with 7 seconds back on our own 25 yard line?

But we gave them time for us to miss a tackle and then miss some coverages and then watch a FG go through the uprights and we were down 10 points and lost all the momentum.

If there was truly some stud out there that would be worth a decapitation then I would be all for it but there isn't.

Harbaugh wasn't coming here. Not ever. He will go across the Bay Area Bridge to Oakland in a heartbeat and keep his bride happy.

Tell me that you would drag your unhappy wife clear across the country and enjoy coming home at night.

You cannot make a change just for the sake of change when there really is no clear replacement starring you in the face.

We would be back to a crap shoot.

Let's give Hickey another draft.  Let's let him tinker a bit more with the roster. Let's see what he can do building depth on the O Line and at LB.  Those areas are in much more need of a decapitation than the HC.

Is Philbin perfect? No, not even close.  But he is worth saving for one more year and see if those championship lights do come on.

Philbin has grown leaps and bounds since Day 1.  Whose to say he can't grow as a game manager.

Is he a ball of fire? No. But these are professional athletes not a high school team.

These players should know what this game is all about by now and shouldn't need a 60 year old man to stand up and give them some rah rah speech before they run out the tunnel.  They should be motivated enough to earn those fat pay checks and earn our admiration. 

So Philbin has one more year.

That's all.  There was no mention of an extension to his contract.  There was no guarantee that he will finish next season. 


So Coach Philbin, if you are listening, this is it.  Time to shit or get off the pot.

And if he doesn't produce, then let Hickey do the honors.

Oh, and by the way, beat the Freakin' Jets on Sunday.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971