Saturday, January 04, 2014

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Mr. Ross, fire Ireland, and then sell the team!

EDIT: Sorry, the petition was from last year...still a good idea is a good idea....

The bottom line

The NFL has huge challenges ahead. What we're seeing this weekend is the proverbial "tip of the iceberg."

3 of the 4 playoff teams had to get two extensions in order to avoid blackouts. The blackout itself indicates the home team didn't sell out a playoff game! And one of those teams was Green Bay?! Are you kidding me?

So here you have Steven Ross who didn't sell out a single game this year or last year, and I think only sold out one the year before that.

The relaxed rules on blackouts, and his working with other organizations to buy up any remaining tickets ensured they were on tv.

But this has bigger implications. How does the nfl and smaller markets like Miami make a go of it? HD tvs make the experience great at home. And being able to watch any game - or red zone - means you don't have to watch your local team if they're lousy, have a bad matchup, or are simply blacked out.

I heard Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkle speak about this during the season, and it's clear that no one has answers. But he and others in his role are trying to figure out how to make the fan experience better so people will want to come out. Because clearly winning isn't doing it.

He threw some crazy ideas out there - the one that stuck with me was group seating perhaps like you're at a table at a sports bar so you can interact and turn to face each other. Don't know how it would work, but it's an interesting concept in general.

As for the blackout, that's an old term that will probably go away as early as next season. The owners want their product on tv, even without selling out. Because at least there's advertising revenue to be had; even if the economics aren't as good as ticket sales.

And that leads us right back around to Steve Ross. He's going to protect the brand, put butts in seats, and move merchandise. End of story. It's about maximizing his profits.

So if Ryan Tannehill's jersey was in the top 20 in sales through the entire nfl, well then he has to figure out a way to keep it that way. Or find a way to get another player in *that* elite status.

So when he says he has a lot to think about, it's not necessarily about wins and losses - it's about the bottom line. What can he do to ensure there is revenue growth year after year. This is a business, and nothing more.

Cynical? Of course. At least we get to enjoy the output of the business. Well, enjoy to a point.

Oh too bad...little Nicky loses

I meant to say something earlier, but Oklahoma's domination of Alabama was nothing short of fantastic. Because it presented us with this image. :)

Now you may ask why I hold such animosity toward this jerk? And the answer is that his leaving was the defining moment. The moment when the dolphins started their descent into irrelevance.

Truth be told it actually started earlier, but until then, there were still "outs" - ways in which the team could still do things right to recover (like say Ricky Williams quitting or 62-7). And they managed to that. They weren't quite there yet.

But when this guy left, the national attention turned to laughing stock at least in part because of other issues that led up to it.

So there ya go. When he left, I realized that he embodies everything that's wrong with this team.

And for me, personally, it changed the way I thought about the direction and overall leadership of the team. They went off course and lost the map and compass.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Jerry Jones: Add four more teams

Saw this headline and read the article. Naturally when your team just missed the playoffs, you want to expand the playoffs. 

In any case, there's a link to the article below. But I posted something about what expanded playoffs might look like in terms of byes and such. 

He's talking about the 8-team scenario which means no one would have a bye....

Have a peek:

Jerry Jones: Add four more teams
Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones, a postseason spectator for the fourth consecutive year, is in favor of expanding the NFL playoffs.
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I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot

Considering that one of the cowards is none other than Rick Spielman, one of the most reviled GMs the dolphins have had (and that's saying a lot!!!), this has some relevance to the fins.

And yet it speaks to so much more, and in the manly man NFL it ties back to bully gate in way, too.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

How silly

I know I haven't had much (or really anything) to say about the fins. But when I saw Stevie's helicopter on the field, and the local media blathering on for literally hours, I realize we have reached a new low point. There's no way out of this mess. It will end badly. Again.

And really, the helicopter on the field is just plain silly.

Now on a related topic, my son pointed out to me that you can read this shirt as "it sour time" and that made me laugh in context.

Do They Deserve Another Year?

Its very hard to phantom a complete makeover occurring in Davie today.

I think Ross will keep Ireland, who isn't that bad and doesn't deserve to be fired.

When the Pro Bowl rosters were announced, not one recently departed player was voted in. So Ireland hasn't gotten rid of any top tier talent and he has added some good young talent.

I know we need some help on O line and RB. We need a fullback already. One who can get a yard, pass protect and catch.

Philbin, in my mind, deserves another year. He does. Nobody picked us to go 12-4.

If you keep changing every 2 years, no coach will feel comfortable coming here.

Let's face it, we are not an attractive franchise to want to come to.

If we were, Harbough and Fisher would have come.

We have attendance issues and, more importantly, you have to face Brady and Belichick twice a year.

There are 5 other vacancies out there right now.

Who are you gonna get? Who do you want?

I could see getting a new OC. I would like a new STC. Our special teams are not good.

I believe Ireland and Philbin will survive. So will Tannehill and Coyle.

Say goodbye to Sherman.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

What manner of nonsense is this?

The report says that Mr. Ross is considering keeping coach Phibin, but firing Jeff Ireland and OC Mike Sherman. And I have to wonder WTF?

I think the fact that he is considering firing Ireland is positive.  But keeping Philbin and firing assistants is problematic for five reasons:

1.  Philbin has a contract that gives him authority to hire and fire coaches as he sees fit.  Is the owner going to put pressure on coach to fire assistants, or will he do it himself?  Mr. Ross firing them violates Philbins contract and could lead somewhere bad. Philbin already stated he had no plans to change and Sherman is his friend - and make no mistake in coaching friendships trump team loyalty.

2. Hiring a new gm from outside will be nearly impossible because that person has to work with the coach. Promoting from within means you still have the same inherent issues with the team, and you're putting trust in someone who hasn't done the job before. And as we saw some years ago (was it Saban and Mueller?) having strained relationships between gm and coach can't lead anywhere good. They have to work together, and forcing one on he other is a tricky dynamic,

3. We still don't know anyone's role in bully gate.  Is this still going to blow up in Mr. Ross face?

4. Philbin has proven himself thus far to be a mediocre coach.  His game plan, coaching decisions, and adjustments haven't worked. Under 20 points per game? And he's really not motivating the team in the right ways. Case in point, week 17, he's in great shape and a playoff berth is on the line.  Ryan might get fired in NY. Ryan outcoached him and gets retained.  And Philbin might get retained. Maybe. But more by default.

5. This will mean that Ryan Tannehill will be the returning starter.  I like the kid, but he's a good QB and not a great one.  A middle of the pack guy who won't win you championships. He's the modern day Jay Fiedler.  Someone needs to have the courage to replace him, or at least try and do seems unlikely that they would do that with Philbin remaining as coach,

So, Mr.  Ross, please consider a different path.  Talk with Nat Moore, Marino, Shula, Tony Dungy, and whoever else you trust. Yes, going this route may seem like it provides the most continuity, so you're not rebuilding this year. But what if next year, you're still looking at 8 or 9 wins. Is that success?

So many times in the past, like the Saban deal, like with Sporano when Mr. Ross went out coach hunting, like keeping Wannsetdt after a sub-par season (and he quit during the following year), the season gets wasted by a single decision that seems to be right to the owner - but the media and fans see it differently.

For the love of Pete, don't waste another season.   I'd rather rebuild than be sitting here in January of 2015 debating whether the move to keep the coach and fire the gm and assistants was the reason the team was mediocre yet again.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Team Needs None Other Than George S. Patton

How could this team play that last game with no sense of urgency?

If we lost 27-24 on a 57 yard field goal in overtime, I don't believe the fan base would have the amount of outrage it has now.

The fans are pissed off!!!

And who could blame them?

We bought in during free agency and the draft.

We were exhilarated after a 3-0 start.

We were dumbfounded with Bullygate.

We were patient with the organization.

We found new hope and life after 3 wins in early December.

We bought back in hook, line and sinker.

We said "Ok, we still got the Jets at home" after getting crushed in Buffalo.

We looked at all the scenarios available to get that invitation to the dance.

Throughout it all, we were there for this team. We still loved and supported them.

Why? Because we believed they would at the very least show up and fight for us if not for themselves.

How foolish were we? How naïve could we be?

And now? We want heads to roll!

All, one, two, three or four heads tumbling down the stairs like the beginning of the movie "Two on a Guillotine".

We will not be satisfied until we exact some revenge from those that lead us over this cliff now known as the 2013 Season.

We have no clue what the actual problem is. We don't care!!!

If the players didn't care, then why should we!!!

What we do know is that this team needs a good kick in the ass!!

And who is going to give it to them? The fans??

They would if they could.

You guys on the Dolphins better realize that you just completely let us down!


If I could, I would bring General Patton back from the dead to kick your asses and pull your heads out of them!

No excuses, just results!

You get paid pretty damn good! You eat pretty damn good!

We pay you for that!!!

Not Ross, we do with tickets and hats and tee shirts and jackets and jerseys and DIRECTV.

And that Jet game is how you paid us back.


Either Ross or Ireland or Philbin or whomever shows up for actual work better start kicking some asses around there because we have had enough!

Oh, Happy New Year!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971


Armando Salguero posted to his blog that Mr. Ross was fully prepared to keep gm and coach. And that he was taken by surprise when they lost the last two and missed the playoffs. And now he has to think about what to do.

I would think that as an owner, you have to always be in tune with what's going on. He chalked the bills loss to a "bad game"... And then was shocked when they lost to the jets. And he had no plans for the potential that the people he hired wouldn't or couldn't get it done. So he has to think about it.

Stand pat?  Rebuild?  Somewhere in between?

It seems simple to me: fire them both, hire someone you trust to "run" the football side, and let him hire a gm, and both of them hire a coach. You can and should be involved.

I don't think keeping them both accomplishes anything productive, and may ultimately turn off more fans. Firing Ireland and keeping Philbin possibly makes hiring a gm difficult. Firing only Philbin means a new coach and his system may not work with the personnel. you trust Ireland to hire the guy?  Or do you hire him and "force him" on Ireland?

And I still wonder what he knows about bully gate?

The time it may take for something to happen coupled with owner being perceived (to put it delicately) as out of touch could simply serve to make the situation worse.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The future of the team

Mr. Ross has a lot to think about. The fans (myself included) are calling for a change. And I'm sure he has his own criteria for what to review. Maybe the committees he formed are giving him advice. Maybe Carl Peterson or someone else he trusts is giving advice. We just don't know.

But what we do know is that Ireland has been in charge of the football operation and the personnel. And how well he's done is debatable. Maybe the roster is okay and it's all coaching. Maybe it's somewhere in between.

The question is: does Mr. Ross trust him?  We know he did. But now?

I heard the coach and several players say things like "we're talented and believe we're better than an 8-8 team". And that's all fine and well, but you are what you record says you are. And that's average. Certainly the coaching staff is at least partially responsible. But how much does Mr. Ross hold them accountable?

The right thing for manny fans is to fire them both and move on. But will he?  Won't he? 5 coaches and 1 GM got fired today, bringing the total to 6 vacancies in the nfl. But nothing out of Miami. Does that mean anything?

And then there's still bully gate. A report that implicates gm or coach would certainly make it easy to make a decision.  Clearing them might have a similar effect. Except that Ted Wells was asked by the commissioner to delay his findings until after the Super Bowl, so it's not a distraction.

You have to wonder if Mr. Ross has already seen the report. If he has, will that be a consideration?  And if he hasn't, what if he does decide to keep both, and the report implicates one or both? Then what?

So who knows what he'll do.  It's his team and he can do whatever he wants. Even go out and interview gms and coaches while he still has both on the payroll.  ;)

But it seems like this may take a while...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lack Of Heart Shows All To Well

Two weeks ago, a team controls their own destiny.

Two weeks ago, their head coach is being vetted for Coach Of The Year.

Two weeks ago was a long, long time ago.

Two weeks ago, this team won an emotional battle over their perrenial division champion.

Two weeks ago, they were on a roll.

Two weeks ago was a long, long time ago.

With two opportunities to get themselves into position to attain their goals, they wilt like wax flowers in the summer sun.

With two opportunities to move so far ahead of where many thought they would be at the beginning of their quest, they decided not to even show up and attempted to mail it in instead.

The effort and lack of execution these last two games is completely unacceptable.

When I watched today's game on TV and saw the players on the sideline, other than Tannehill picking his nose, nobody looked to be digging deep inside themselves or pushing eachother to perform better.

They looked disinterested at times. They didn't look like a group of guys knowing that this is it!!!

After an incomplete pass in the 3rd Quarter, when the game was certainly still winnable, our D backs just walked back to their positions.  3 guys, 2 feet away from each other and no high fives, no pats on the helmut or butt.

No life.

Where was the emotion?

Where was the burning desire to succeed?

Where was the fight?

Where are we headed?

Two weeks ago, we were headed in the right direction.

But two weeks ago seems like a lifetime ago now.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Just one more thing

My thanks to Dave for letting me post my opinions. I know my last post wasn't so popular, but I certainly can't be alone - since it appeared 400 or so fans showed up for a win-and-you're-in game against the hated jets.

Here's to hoping that the owner makes whatever corrections he can to return this team to greatness!  I'm telling you, a loss was probably better than a win for the long-term health.

And now, we wait for the report from Ted Wells on bully-gate.

Its half-time and we are being BEAT by the JETS

I am sick to my stomach.  The Ravens are losing bad - we have a real chance to get into the playoffs.   AND, our receivers cant catch...  Our Defense can't stop Geno Smith (Really?)

I am going to the bath room to vomit. 

I vomit my unwavering confidence that this was a good team. 

I vomit my faith in the coaching staff.  

I vomit this team's desire to win against all odds!