Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is this wrong?

For some reason - probably because he was the embodiment of the dolphins descent into mediocrity - I still hold a bit of a grudge.

And when I see this face, well...

Expect A War With This Edition Of Dolphins vs Jets

We have all heard it before, "Throw the records out the window when these two teams play!"

Sunday marks the 94th meeting between the Jets and Dolphins with the Jets holding a 4 game lead in this series at 48-44-1.

The series has had some historic games including:

 1982 AFC Championship "Mud Bowl" game at the Orange Bowl, when after raining throughout the week leading into the game, the Jets accused Don Shula of removing the tarp from the field and actually watering down the field even more in an effort to slow down the Jets' potent rushing attack. A.J.Duhe intercepted Jets QB Richard Todd 3 times including one for a TD in a 14-0 Miami win.

Dan Marino's fake spike TD pass to Mark Ingram in 1994 at the Meadowlands. The 3rd quarter ended with the Jets holding a 24-6 lead in the game while trailing the division leading Dolphins by one game in the standings. But Dan Marino brought the Dolphins back with three 4th quarter TDs culminating with his famous fake spike pass to Ingram with only 30 seconds left.

All has not gone Miami's way as the Jets beat Miami in OT in the last game of the 1991 season for a winner take all Wild Card spot in the playoffs.

And of course, The Monday Night Miracle, when in 2000 both teams entered the game at 5-1 and were looking for control of the AFC East. Miami held a 30-7 lead going into the 4th quarter. The Jets came back to tie the game at 30 with 3:35 left but 2 plays later Jay Fiedler hit Leslie Shepherd with a bomb to retake the lead. Vinnie Testaverde lead the Jets down the field and with 32 seconds left from the Miami 3 yard line, he found an open tackle eligible Jumbo Elliot, who bobbled the ball as he fell on it for a game tying TD. In OT, Fiedler threw his 3rd interception of the game and set the Jets up for the game winning field goal.

There have been low scoring affairs and wide open high scoring games like the 1986 game in which Dan Marino and Ken O'Brien combined for an NFL single game record with combined passing yardage of 884 yards and 10 TDs in a wild 51-45 Jet OT win that included Wesley Walkers TD pass reception with no time left on the clock to force OT.

Sunday's game sets up to be another war as both teams' weaknesses play into the other teams' strengths. Miami is struggling running the ball and the Jets front 7 is very stout. Tannehill threw for over 300 yards last week not counting the sacks and the Jets pass defense is anemic at best. The Dolphins lead the league in getting sacked with 44 and the Jets are near the top getting 38 from their defense.

The Jets are averaging 127 yards per game rushing the ball and Miami is giving up that much. The Jets passing attack is nonexistant while Miami's Defensive backs are playing very well and they can get after the QB too. The Jets are also at -16 in turnover margin.

So what does this all mean? If the Jets can run the ball and wear down Miami's defense, the Dolphins could be looking at a very long afternoon. On the other hand, if Miami can keep Tannehill upright, he will be able to exploit the Jets secondary.

The cold weather could factor in if Miami's offense is sidelined for great lengths of time however the wind will not be a factor.

Its hard to figure how this game can go. If Miami's offensive and defensive lines play well, Miami should win handily. If they both don't then the Jets should win handily. Somewhere in between is probably where we are headed.

This you can know for sure, this will be a very hard hitting game. Both teams need this game bad and consider it a playoff game as the winner will go to 6-6 and remain tied in the wild card hunt while the loser will fall to 5-7 and trail not only in the win column but also in the tie breakers.

If this game comes down to a field goal, who do you trust more? The Jets Nick Folk or the Dolphins Caleb Sturgis?

If field position is the determining factor, then Miami's league leading punter Brandon Fields could be the game's MVP again as he was in the 2008 season finale when both teams played for the Division Championship.

My prediction: Miami 17-13

Godspeed to the DolfansNYC who are taking up 2 full sections at the game with their #MetLifeTakeover. May they have safe journey and a lot to cheer about.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

It's about frickin time

That the guy who told us he wasn't gonna be the Alabama coach lost a high profile game. And in classic fashion no less.

Now how long until he skips town again?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Incognito will continue to be suspended

Incognito is still a whiles away from wearing a Dolphins jersey on the field. His suspension will continue with pay. Incognito would have needed to be reinstated or released by Sunday but has reached an agreement with the Dolphins to continue the suspension. It could be worse for Incognito who just needs to play this all out while he receives a paycheck for each game, and a good amount for that matter. I am still shocked by all this and it is crazy how this all has unfolded. I am just waiting for more details.

NFL Network Re-Airing '93 Leon Lett Thanksgiving Day Game

If you want to watch a classic football game again or if for some reason you missed it in 1993, now is your chance to view a replay of the 1993 Thanksgiving Day game between the host Dallas Cowboys and our visiting Miami Dolphins.

With Don Shula on the sidelines, the Miami Dolphins fought their way through a rare T-Day sleet and frozen snow storm in Dallas to steal a victory from the hands of sure defeat.

The NFL Network is re-airing this game in its entirety on Saturday November 30th at 11 AM, so set your DVRs and/or your DVD recorders in order to get a second opportunity to watch Pete Stoyanovich's second opportuntiy at winning this game with a last second Field Goal.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

If you want to watch just the sequence of events surrounding the blocked FG and Leon Lett's blunder, click on the youtube link below

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Piss Off A Jets Fan

Living in New Jersey and wearing Dolphins logos almost everyday, I run into Jets fans all the time. If they treat me nice, I reciprocate.

 But if they smart ass me in any way, then I incorporate my 3 Step System.

Now the key to doing this is to be very low key in the beginning. Don't get all ralled up and start a shouting match otherwise you won't be able to achieve your goal of leaving them completely pissed off.

Step One:
Casually say "Too bad you never won an NFL Championship."
The Jet fan will retort with "What are you talking about? We won Super Bowl III, it was the biggest upset ever!"

You say " That it was, BUT you were the AFL Champions playing the Colts, who were the NFL Champions."

Then scratch your head and say "Huh, so you were the champion of a league that doesn't even exist anymore."

They usually respond with "Shut the f__k up!"

Step Two:
Very simple. With a shit eating grin on your face, give the Marino Spike Signal.

Step Three:
Immediately after the Jet fan recognizes the signal, you state with all sincerity "Oh by the way, thank you so much for Chad Pennington. We couldn't have won our 13th Division Championship without him. 13! Isn't that something, just like Marino, who you passed on. So how did that Favre thing work out? Well you guys know what you're doin, hell, you won, what, 2 Division Championships in how many years?"

Then you walk away laughing while giving the Jet fan a peace sign as the Jet fan screams "F__k you!"

Remember, the key is to be sincere when needed and low key in the beginning. They won't see it coming. And isn't that the best way to get their goat?

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Check Out Dolfans NYC Theme Song Video For 2013 #MetLifeTakeover

This is really cool...
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!
Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dolfans NYC Prepared For Battle With 2013 #MetLifeTakeover

Whether you are going to MetLife Stadium or planning on watching the game on TV, be prepared to hear some loud cheers and chants coming from the Miami faithful.

A whole army of them is planning a major invasion!  At Battalion Strength! 

Afterall, this is war.  Not for the timid.  Its "JETS WEEK"!!!

I had a unique opportunity to interview, Igor, one of the founders of Dolfans NYC and one of the leaders of these brave souls headed into battle in enemy terriorty. 

But first, I was blind folded and sworn to secrecy about their where abouts hidden behind enemy lines. With "JETS WEEK",  Dolfans NYC will take prisoners but not chances.

Here is his interview which will self destruct in 20 minutes, so hurry...

Me: I assume you'll take some of the responsibility for leading the troops in vocal support of our beloved Dolphins. What are your favs?   

Igor: As far as cheers go I always do the "And That's Another Miami Dolphins..." first down chant.
"J-E-T-S SUCK, SUCK, SUCK" is the big one for this game.
And then boring stuff like Lets Go Dolphins and DE-FENSE.
Plus the fight song of course! I bought an inflatable banjo just for that!

Me: How did you became a Dolfan?

Igor: I grew up in DC and rooted for all the DC teams except the Redskins because my dad is from Dallas. There was no way I could be a Cowboy fan growing up in DC and for some reason when I was 7,  I decided I was a Dolphins fan and it stuck for life. Michelle has it a lot easier as she's a Miami native and her dad is a huge Phins fan. 

Me: How did the #MetLifeTakeover get started as well as your involvement with Dolfans NYC?

Igor: When I first moved to NYC I didn't know any Dolphins fans and there weren't any Dolphins sports bars. A couple years in, I met the 2 Michelles, these two girls who had a Dolphins blog. One year they spent a whole season traveling to every Dolphins away game and reporting on them for The next year they wanted to keep the videos going so they would go on little road trips and I went with them a few times. We ended up going to Woody's Fish Bowl in Hartford, CT and Miami Mikes in New Jersey. They were such amazing Dolphins bars and we knew we wanted to start something like that.

Igor: We had a small group of fans that watched at Third & Long in NYC and that was the year we made the playoffs. We had a pretty big group going so the next year we started a website and a Facebook group. I do a lot of web marketing for my day job and Michelle has a lot of connections in the Dolphins world so it really blew up quickly. We got the word out. The next year one of the Michelle's moved but "Short" Michelle, her husband Alex and I kept the club going. This year we moved to Slattery's Midtown Pub after Third & Long closed and it's been amazing. Huge turn outs every week. 

 Igor: I was always afraid to go to the Jets game alone because of how vocal I am. I always get into it with opposing fans. But the year that we went to the playoffs we had a big enough group that we found 8 people that wanted to go with us. We watched Chad Pennington beat Bret Farve and take us to the playoffs. I almost got kicked out when a Jets fan tried to fight me but luckily we never came to blows.

Igor: The next year we had 35 people and the year after that we had about 80 but we weren't really sitting together.

Igor: Last year we really blew it up and bought 199 tickets all in one section and it was amazing, but this year we really went crazy. (I actually heard them cheering on TV last year)

Me: What are your plans for this year's #MetLifeTakeover?

Igor: This year we have "760" Dolphins fans all sitting together. We took over two sections (323 & 322) and are throwing a huge tailgate in parking lot "L". Everyone is welcome to join us but BYOF/B. We had put a limit on the tailgate because of how many people we had and we couldn't afford to cater more than 300 people. We also bought 750 rally towels so our sections should be very visible and making a LOT of noise!

Me: Have you had any surprise visitors to past tailgates or even to Slattery's Midtown Pub?

Igor: Nat Moore came to the bar when we were at Third & Long and then he showed up to our tailgate later in the year with Stephen Ross, Mike Dee and Fergie. I have a feeling we might get some guests this year too based on some hints from people in the Dolphins organization, but no word officially. 

Me: Does Dolfans NYC support a charity I can plug for you?

Igor: Dolfans NYC raises a ton of money for charity but we spread it around. Since the #MetLifeTakeover last year we have donated almost $10,000 to charity. Every October we make donations to cancer charities and sponsor DCC riders, we donate several thousand dollars to the Miami Dolphins Foundation every year and last year we raised about $4000 for hurricane Sandy relief efforts after the hurricane effected so many of our members. 

Me: What do you think of this years team?

Igor: I would prefer not to talk about that stuff. I want to keep this positive. 

Me: How can other Dolfans get involved with your efforts?

Igor: Our website is and we have a very active Facebook group ( Dolfans NYC ). I tweet & Instagram at @DolfansNYC and of course anyone is welcome at Slattery's! (8 East 36th Street, Manhattan, NYC)

Me: Have you had any strange happenings at a #MetLifeTakeover?

A Jets fan threw a burger at Mr. Ross that hit him in the head. He brushed it off and kept posing for photos with fans. Despite what you might think of some of his decisions he is a great guy and a HUGE Dolphins fan. 
(No medic needed)

Me: I am sure your next goal is to make the rank of Colonel and lead a whole Regiment of 1500 strong into next year's #MetLifeTakeover.

Igor: One battle at a time, Carl.

Me: Thanks Igor and let me know if there's anything else.

Igor: Can you also link Slattery's to  The Official Miami Dolphins NYC Sports Bar!!
We want to make sure that our fellow Dolfans can easily find a safe and friendly environment to come to and enjoy themselves in NYC.

Me: I guess there are black ops everywhere, even with NFL football fans.

Igor: There certainly is.  Now before we can let you go, we need to hear the fight song. And sing it with feeling!!

I sang for the life of me.  And then I was free, free at last.

Free to join in the battle on Sunday!

Phins Up! 

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Monday, November 25, 2013

Off topic: Happy Thankgivukkah

Here's a tribute (with an explanation) from a friend of mine:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grey cup champions eh?

Saskatchewan wins the cup.

I find it highly amusing that one-time dolphins running back Corey Sheets won the MVP.

Why is it amusing? Because (a) the cfl does not really promote running because of it's 3-down system. It's unusual for a RB to win this award.

And (ii) couldn't the dolphins use a good running back? One they actually had on their roster?

Thank God We're Not Going To The Super Bowl This Year

I woke up this morning in Central Jersey to February weather and man it is COLD out there. I mean bone chilling, sticks to your clothing nasty!

This time of year, our weather temps run between 40-55 degrees. So your body adapts and you get used to a progressive drop in temperature as the year unwinds.

But today we got hit with our first big chill.  I went outside at 8:30 this morning and it was 25 degrees with a wind chill factor bringing it down to 10 dgrees.


As I walked to the dumpster, all I could think about was "Oh my gosh, this is what the Super Bowl will be like", just 50 miles away.

How will those fans handle this?

If you want a clue, watch the 2nd half of today's Giants game at Metlife Stadium, host to this year's big game.  The 2nd half will start in similiar conditions to the start of this year's Super Bowl.

How can they possibly tailgate? They will be the preverbial "Hundled Masses" clammering around a burning garbage can tapping their feet to keep the blood circulating.

Look at the faces of the Giants fans with their "Snot-cicles" in full bloom.

Why bother going for a warm drink. 5 seconds after its poured, its cold.

Can you imagine the length of time the Super Bowl fans will spend in these frozen elements?

Now I just wandered 1000 feet to the dumpster and back into warm confines.  I was outside only 5 minutes, tops and it was like getting hit in the face with ice chips.

Those brave enough to go to this year's Super Bowl will probably be in these  elements for 8 hours.  8 bone chilling hours: 4.5 hours of the game, 1 hour in the stadium before the game, 1.5 hours just trying to get into the stadium through the security check points and then another half hour getting to the line to get in and a good half hour sprinting out of the place to your car.

OOOPS, add another 10 minutes to warm it up and that's only if their rental car starts.

If you live down south and want to get a feeling for this cold, fill your tub with ice and then climb in it. For 8 hours no less!

No thank you very much.

I will attend the Dolphins next appearance in a Super Bowl and after today, lets hope its in some sunny, warm locale with hot chearleaders and cold librations.

Not the other way around.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971